Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mr/Mrs/Ms Squirrel

  1. This is a candid photograph of my newest little friend....Mr./Mrs./Ms squirrel.  It is very sweet and brave that it comes and snoops in whatever I have been doing.  It was an empty package from it's favorite biodegradable, unsalted peanuts. 
I think this is a great shot.  Enjoy.

You can find this as a greeting card, note card, bookmark, various size prints, decorator pillow, tee-shirt and many more items on looped to etsy.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Marilyn

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't You Just Love This little Twirp

This little almost jumps in my lap to get a peanut.  I don't know it's gender but it is hard to not spoil the little pest.

It sees me and runs right up my foot to say, "Hello".  The little squirt actually takes the peanut from me by my fingers and it''s paws or fingers are sooo tiny.  Like my daughter before she passed.  If I can't get it out of the bag fast enough the little squirt jumps about 2 inches and grabs it.  It is an amazing experience.  It wants it's cheeks full and it is fun to spoil the little squirt.

I guess I would rather they go away sometimes but I just haven't the heart to trap and kill them. 


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey

This is my, "Thanksgiving", card or various sized print, bookmark, refrigerator magnet, jewelry, decorator pillow, tee-shirt, deck of playing cards.

 I painted this from a ceramic planter I got for my mom one Thanksgiving day a long time ago.  She was so pleased.  It is a colorful planter.  It still sits in the living room on a table.

Have a nice Thanksgiving day.  You can find this in

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here are 2 of my tee-shirts with "Tucker"

Here is one of my favorite dogs with my tee-shirts.  "Tucker".  He looks like he is guarding my work, doesn't he?

I get my tee-shirts done in the shop and he is a friendly "little" guy.
My Dragon won an award in Wisconsin for design, color, originality and thought.  My squirrel is one of my sanctuary squirrels I feed by hand every day. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog and you can find these tee-shirts on  My work is reasonably priced and if you want something entirely printed just email me at

Thank you .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Kitty now Finished. YES!!

My kitty honored by my work.  Ikea was a beautiful angora cat with a white tip on his tail.  He is gone many years now but never forgotten. 

He was killed by a farmer as a red fox in the, "Town of Primrose", by a stupid farmer and my nasty first-cousin Ronnie Johnson laughed about it and got a kick out of it.   When he was asked what farmer and we could go get, "Ikea", the insulin spoiled brat refused to tell us.  I have always despised his abuse personality but this was the straw that broke the camels back.  His mother and father used my mom and dad for monies and anything else they could get and my parents were patient with them because they were kind and tried to help them.  At my father's death, they still owe us and never us $320.00 for their store bill.

I wonder what they will do in Salvation.   I just hope "Ikea" died instantly instead of just laying out in no-man's land hurt. 

Here's to you beautiful cat.  You are never forgotten. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Cat Improved.

This is my work as I keep looking at it and thinking.  I just put grass under it's head and some parts of the rest of his body.

I love to create.  Marilyn

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Logo Engraved on the Back of Each of my Jewelry, "Art By Marilyn"

This is the back of each piece of my jewelry with my logo engraved, "Art By Marilyn".  It is of course, sterling silver.  Marilyn

Humming Bird 1" X 3/4" Sterling Silver with My Logo, "Art By Marilyn" Engraved on the Back

This is one of my jewelry.  I make them of sterling silver and engrave my logo, "Art By Marilyn", on the back side.  They are of each of my oil paintings and can be found on my web site looped to etsy.

Enjoy and have a beautiful day.  Marilyn 


This is a cat that became a major member of a family only if we took the responsibility to care for it.  It was a, "Tom", and much loved.  I have pictures of it from my first, "Brownie", camera and I painted this from the photos. 

Ike was named after, as my mom said, whomever becomes president, "Eisenhower", or, "Stevenson".  He became, "Ike".  Ike was well mannered, loved kids, so patient, liked  attention and was a huge ball of angora golden and white fur.  A bit white tip on his tail.  He required a lot of brushing but we always did it so we could keep, "Ike".  Also, know as , "Ikea".

"Ike", had the run of the neighborhood and he was well-liked.  I have many wonderful stories of his ventures to the neighbor's houses. 

At the end of his life he looked like a fox and I am will always be upset that the farmers in the country shot him as he looked like a fox .  We were only told that and not were he was laying.   It is just another reason I never liked my cousin, Ronnie Johnson, because he refused to tell us were, "Ike", was and he was one of the cruelest people I have ever met.  He laughed at your pain.

I can just hope, "Ike", died instantly without any suffering.  Here's to you, "Ike".  If there is a cat Heaven he is in it.  Here's to all helpless creatures wherever they are that they get comfort and kindness in this world because they can't speak for themselves.

newest Visitor- Mr/Ms Squirrel

This is my newest little friend.  The little squirt comes right up to me and eats a peanut from my fingers.  You have to be quite still and very patient and they will trust you if you talk really low and quiet. 

I call the little because it has spots from fighting over it's tiny body. And look at the stripes on it's little tail.  They all are different and have different personalities.  This little one stands up for me also as you can see.  It is a real character. 

My mom used to say what miracles they are because they have such perfect little paws and hold the peanut so nice.  My mom used to feed them and taught me to love and care for all the voiceless creatures in the world.  So I opened this blog to hopefully receive donations...they do bring cost and to work with Team Efa in our endeavors to help abused baby animals.

They certainly are a joy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Art By Marilyn: The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

Art By Marilyn: The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

Art By Marilyn: The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

Art By Marilyn: The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

Me...with another picture of me...the artist...with my work of photography.  I am surrounded by wonderful art.  Mine is in the 1st gallery and above the others.  We had 100 artists involved.   It will be on for 3 months so come on downtown, browse and enjoy.  Marilyn

The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

Me...the artist, Marilyn R. Meier-O'Brien, at our, "Overture Center", in Madison, Wisconsin.  I am one of the artists showing one of my work at the beautiful gallery in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. 

You can purchase this work on or purchase it one-by-one picture of each flower.

My first love is photography but I find myself oil painting more than photography.  But just send me a photograph and I will do a commissioned piece for you. 

This show is going on for 3 months.  So stop by, visit our work.  I am on the 3rd floor.  Have a beautiful day and enjoy.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here's Brett... Favre

There's Brett Favre and me playing cards and you can too. He is n my web site at under the section playing cards.

Brett and crew won today and now you may wish to purchase a memorabilia of mine of him at and also visit, "Gammy's Gift Shop", in Kiln, MS whereas I have also his items there.  His cousin saw my work and liked it enough to buy a tee-shirt for Brett's Uncle and her mom has my work in her gift shop.  

When I figure out how this new posting works (they again made changes) I will add more.

My brother-in-law just past recently and this is hard work for me.  Grief is hell... Marilyn

My Visitor....

This is one of my little visitors who comes to say, "Hello", to me and is gracious and then leaves.  They are no- salt biodegradable peanuts.  They come right up to me and seem to know my voice and are not afraid. 

They are all different personalities and they give me joy.

I have had people who are my neighbor's visitors come and ask me if they can take pictures of the little squirts. 

I have painted one so go to animal section of my web site and you can purchase a various sized print, a greeting card, bookmark, tee-shirt, decorator pillow, scented candle, refrigerator magnet, playing cards and more. 

Isn't the little squirt cute.  MarilynCompromising PositionsCompromising Positions

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brett Favre's Playing Cards

I enjoyed painting Brett Favre and now I have all kinds of memorabilia.  I will get back to it later.  This is just me playing cards with my playing cards of Brett. 

The Koala

Here is an adorable little one.  I like this little nocturnal creature so I decided to paint it.  You will also find it in greeting cards and other items when I get around to it today or tonight.  I just did a big order for Kiln, MS for Brett Favre and I worked 12 hours on it yesterday. 

I am please, surprised and excited and humbled that my work is appreciated.  ...See you later...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sarah Palin

This is my newest.  This lady has been jeered at and laughed at and I think she has courage.  I am an artist and I think she is pretty easy to draw.  I like that she likes nature. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Visitor....

This is my little visitor.  I am a photographer first and I have this little squirt doing tricks for me.  It was about 1 foot below my camera and it was fun.  The little character was standing up due to a command I gave it  It trusts me so much that it watches me prepare it's food through my door and waits patiently for me.

I am always in amazement at these little squirts and that they are relaxed enough to show a natural side.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Second Picture of Girls Night out

Ladies Night Out

Girls night out.  Last night the little women came to visit, eat and politely leave.  It was so sweet to see all the little ladies together eating and socializing and then flying away.  It is quite amazing to be a part of all this.  Bad thing is...I am running out of food again. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

mm....messd up..

Magnets..My newest projects

This is my magnets on my refrigerator, fridge, ice box...or whatever you wish to call it.  They are fun, cheerful, meaningful..

Magnets..My newest projects

This is my newest project.  I make large and small images on a magnet to place on your refrigerator or as you may call it fridge.  Or, "ice box".  These are fun to make and very inexpensive.  The bigger magnets are 6 x 4 inches and the small are business card size. 

I make them customized or any print of any painting you wish.  This is, "Jesus and 9/11" .

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I forgot to post my picture and the show for the NSAG in Madison, Wisconsin.  I had e coli here and did it the best I could.  It wasn't fun. 

That is a picture taken at "Troy Gardens'" in Madison, Wisconsin and I did okay.

I will be showing how I paint when I feel better.

Don't forget to..."WASH YOUR HANDS".


Anderson Cooper 360

I like "Anderson Cooper" because his catch phrase, "Keeping Them Honest", I believe is really sincere.  That is how I feel about my animals and lets' face it we need some honest reporting.  so I painted "Anderson Cooper".

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I will show a picture later (the she is)   but I am just amazed.  I have been very ill and have been told I won't bounce back as fast as I want to from the e coli.  I went out to feed the creatures in my backyard and I am seeding here in amazement.  I heard a light "quack" and I looked up from were the sound was coming and there were 2 ducks (Drakes) watching me from the neighbor's roof.  I said, "Hi, ducks". Both flew off the roof right in front of me and sat down to eat right in front of me.  OMG....I couldn't believe it because I haven't seen them for a couple of days except the very early morning when I get up to take my medication and work a little to my beautiful new friends on etsy around the world. They are spending time in the lake which I want them to because it is so nutritious for them.  Besides they need the lakes not me until bad weather and closing lakes. tell you the truth they are expensive for e to feed and I have only had 1 donation so far from a lady to feed them.  God Bless her.  Believe me it would feel good to get just a few dollars from everyone to feed them.

One flew off....The other had to be a baby...she must have been her mom showing her were to feel safe and feed. I could tell I needed my camera.  I went in a got it and got the most amazing picture of the little one right in front of me checking me out.  I talked to it in say, "How are you?", "Did you lose your mommy?",  and, small talk.  It came right up to me and lightly quackd.  It was lost a little looking for it's mommy.  This was a good 3 minutes.

It then raised up it's head and looked up in the direction of the house next door.  It's mommy was there and quacked lightly.  The little one took off following it's mommy.  I felt such a deep love for the little one and it's mommy making the little one feel safe and the beautiful introduction to me.  It felt safe with me and inspected me and then it's mommy came back.  AMAZING!!!

It is amazing to have such a connection with the little girl and her mommy.  Don't tell me there is no God.  So I will add the picture but I need to crop and upload it and I am very tired.  I love having a refuge/sanctuary in my backyard were these creatures can feel a safe harbor.  I am learning sooo much.  Tonight about 7:30 P.M., 07/20/10, Central time I saw an amazing sight of a mom duck and a baby duck in my backyard learning the ropes so to speak.

What a beautiful night cap.  Marilyn

Saturday, July 17, 2010


This is how I get greeted almost every day.  This little squirt comes to my door and or when it is warm lays on it's little belly right on my door steps.  What a greeting.  I talk to these little ones.  I think they all know that I am their friend.  I have put this in my animals section of my etsy so anyone can have a print.  Each squirrel has a different personality.

I love these little squirts.  I feel a bit better but it has been tough.  E coli is awful.  Please, WASH YOUR HANDS.  Marilyn

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I still feel pretty tough

This s the only painting I have done in a month except I feed the animals and I am making an attempt to paint Betty White. 

When is it that I will feel better?  It has been tough for 2 years and now is the time for me to start feeling great...enough already.  Be back soon...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hi Y'all

Just to let you know I am still quite ill but I am trying to get better.  E-coli is terrible.  I will try to blog more when I feel better.  Thank you for your patients and kindness.  Marilyn

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My animal sanctuary

My creatures did not show up at all yesterday, I'm sure, they were frightened by the "sky lighting" up.  I know it is and was beautiful and I watched it from my front steps.  It is fun to be with all the people, "awwwing", at all the beautiful fireworks but I am ill and trying to over come the bladder infection which I have told you about but the little ones need our help.

This morning I saw one duck and many squirrels coming running to be fed but it in all it's beauty must have been frightening for them.   This is one of my paintings, bookmarks, jewelry, greeting cards, note cards, t-shirts, decorator pillows, scented candles and other items as playing cards that sell on looped to etsy and this painting is one of them.  They are expensive little ones and if you could dig deep into your pockets and send me a dollar or two I could afford these little ones easier.  I just bought a 50# bag of food for $7.37 yesterday and I am very ill so you know I work hard at keeping these little guys safe and serene. I buy at least 1 bag a week plus bird seed for $3.95.   Or purchase one of my items from etsy.  It sure would help.

Anyway thank you for stopping by and viewing my blog.  Later....Marilyn

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Pledge of Allegiance

Happy Fourth of July


This really looks great as a greeting card, various size print, bookmark, t-shirt, decorator pillow, jewelry, note card, scented candle, decal, and as many different items as I can think of...enjoy!!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marilyn of ...Sorry

I'm sorry but I have bladder infection...I am too ill to blog the last few days.  I will catch up when I can.   Thank you for caring about my blog.  I adore all my new found friends.  Marilyn

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pure Contentment...The Ducks

I almost had a real mess on my hands trying to figure out how to add the words with the picture.  I told you I am not a tech.  I promised a picture of the ducks in their "Paradise".  In the background you see their private swimming pool.    They stay their all day and sleep beside it.  They are also territorial.  It is an amazing site to behold when I am tired and these friendly little ones greet me with a some kind of murmur.  
 They are named by me as, "Candy...the lady..and"Dandy" the gentleman.  He is drinking and she is making a decision if she should eat or stand in her private pool.  The ducks in the background can only come so close when "Dandy" and "Candy" run after them and chase them away.  No ducks other than these two ever use the "pool".   They greet me and est and are the sweetest little ones.  

Enjoy and until I am not so darn tired.  I am   Marilyn

Julia Roberts

Okay...I have been you can see...Julia Roberts and  trying to learn many web sites and just keep going as an artist. 

The doctors have found a lump or some shadow on my lung and I tire easily so....forgive me...I find being a tech hard work.  I would rather paint. 

Julia makes me smile as I try to paint all the work that makes me smile.  I want to do the Dali Lama and Frank Sinatra. 

"My" ducks are fat and sassy and I am spoiling them rotten along with the other animals in my sanctuary or should I say theirs.

I am going to try to show you a picture of pure contentment in their sweet little for the next picture.  Marilyn

Monday, May 31, 2010


I already did the ducks coming to meet me and that is what a post-traumatic brain injury does to a person.  I am getting better slowly but it is hard to see for me.  I won't be trying sooo hard to remember how to do things.  My art sure helps.  Thank you all for your kind patience s as I flounder.  Marilyn

My Ducks

There are my 2 ducks.  I was ill and had to go to the Immediate Care Center and as I was walking to the door to turn off  my security and go into the house, I got a surprise when these 2 flew in and greeted me.  The were making low murmuring sounds and I waled with them to the backyard as they were wanting to eat. 

What an amazing experience.  I call these 2, "Candy", and, "Dandy".  Aren't they beautiful.

Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn

Donald Trump

This is my newest work.  I like, "The Donald".  I get a kick out of seeing his next venture and his creativity in the world of finance.  We as marketers can learn sooo much from him.  I have read his book, "The Art of the Deal". 

What can't he do.  Now he is into supplements.  I watched the, "Celebrity Apprentice", just to get an idea of his work. 

Wouldn't this man be one of the people you picked to have lunch with.  I would.

Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am tired

Tonight I find myself very tired and I haven't blogged for a day or two. 

The picture of me is with the 2 peacocks I will be able to display in "Cher's" new movie with "Kristina Aguleria" in "BURLESQUE".  I am excited, thrilled and in a bit of shock that an assistant set decorator would see my work and use my work with the other artists in the movie. 

I posed with them for fun and I believe it is a fun way of advertising them.  I was ill and exhausted but still I tried to smile and make others happy when they view my work.

It has been a way to get this far.  That will be the next story in part.

I fed my animals 3 times today and they are tucked in tonight for the night in the lakes in Madison, Wisconsin.  Thank the Lord there is no oil slick here...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Waterfall in Olbrich Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin

This is my recent painting of our beautiful Olbrich Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin.  I was just walking through the many paths and I took many pictures.  This is just another painting relative to my natural quest for nature and my ducks and other creatures.  I will be doing more but I have to rest.

The next pages may be of my ways of doing my art with my animals and the stories of how and why I do them.  I am tired so have a beautiful day.  View my work on looped to etsy

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Art By Marilyn

I am a local Madison, Wisconsin artist and I have a website that is looped to etsy and a blog that is and another great web site and I am trying to learn how to do google.

So...come in an browse and shop and tell your friends. Have a beautiful day.


in reference to: Share : Master advanced features - Toolbar Help (view on Google Sidewiki)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Ducks and Their Sanctuary

Yesterday I came home quite late from working on my art and I saw a duck taking off...I said, "Hi duck", and I'll be darned the little squirt turned in mid- air and came back to the backyard, his sanctuary, to be there for me.  I am so touched that they feel so relaxed around me.  This is the usual scene of our time together when I feed them and they just ignore me and turn their back and make a contented little noise of total happiness. 

You can see their private pool in the back which they do use and they are so social.  Since they know me they see me coming with their fresh water...they poop in the water... and they see me coming and I empty the bath and put fresh water in their private pool and they come right back...actually waddle...and claim it again.  It is a riot to see their different personalities and the friendliness they have to me.  I love those little guys and gals.  And usually they get squirrels and rabbits and birds to come and socialize with them.  It's too bad humans aren't learning from animals like these sweet little ducks.  They share their food and seem to murmur a sweet tune and it is in sync.  It is just amazing.  They make great fertilizer if they stay at all.  The greenery is lush..

Signing off.  Marilyn

Oprah Decorator Pillow

I adore Oprah.  She will be leaving television in 2012 to pursue her other interests as she has mentioned and there are going to be many sad people.  I felt compelled to paint my own artistic impression of her and I had fun.  She is a delight to paint.  I was smiling as I painted her.

I wanted to send her a bookmark, a pillow or a tee-shirt but I really don't know how so if you or anyone you know see this please let her know and/or please send me her address.

This a is a fun journey for me because I can make others smile.  Have a beautiful day.  You can view this on my web site at

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Ducks and Their Sanctuary

This is my ducks in their sanctuary.  They come and stay most of the day in this top of a birdbath I set on the ground and continually filling with clean water.  If I am out there too long they walk around me squawking, not quacking just making their own sound.   And,  I believe are telling me to leave. Because when I do they quieten down and just check things out, they are calm and sweet.  They just are soo relaxed.  The Lilac bush is right near them as are much greenery and they seem to be totally at ease.  I walk among them first saying good morning ducks and how are you today.  Now they don't even stir from their heads being placed in their bodies backwards.  I am the only person who any of my animals trust.  They are safe.  Do not ask me why they adopted me.  I think am animals can feel that trust and love.  They are safe.  This a to me is so special.  It is an amazing feeling that I tell over-and-over because it is so sweet.    God bless the creatures.  Marilyn

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I was feeling sad about Oprah leaving television and how much I really enjoy watching her when I got the bright idea to paint my artistic impression of her.  She will be missed and I want to make sure no one forgets all the wonderful inspirational, informative, kind, and more... adjectives she gave us.  She is a profound person in all she does.  I wish I could meet her or had met her to thank her as many people do because she is one of my heroes.  But, alas, I am just a humble artist who just hopes that my work is appreciated and maybe I can give people I meet in my journey a contribution of my way of say, "We love you Oprah, thank you, and May God Bless you on your journey.  You are a hero to many of us and we will remember you".  I will have tee-shirts, decorator pillows, greeting cards, various size prints, bookmarks, jewelry, scented candles and just nice things in a tribute to her by an artist who paints her feelings on a blank canvas.  I am just thankful to our Lord and Savior that my parents though Him gave me this gift to use to the best of my ability.  Thank you Oprah.  Marilyn

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Relaxing Ducks Eating

This is the picture I took of my duck friends as I had walked with them to the back yard sanctuary.  They are soooo relaxed that they ignore my presence.  They put their backs to me in total trust.  I stay back about 2 feet from them and just politely talk with them.  This is a Drake, "Candy" and a Gander, "Dandy".  I like those names for them.  They each have a personality.  People ask me if they are dirty.  They do stay sometimes all day but they are not dirty.  They rarely poop in my yard.  Most of the time they eat and fly away. 

Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn

A Walk with My Ducks

I came home from the immediate care of the hospital and my friends the ducks flew right in in front of me as if to ask me were I had been.  I took this picture because it was so refreshing to see this amazing sight.  They know who I am and they walked me to my backyard or was it I walked them to their sanctuary.  It was a nice walk with them lightly quacking all the walk.  Polite conversation.   If course, I talked to them as I said: "It's nice to see you"., "Thank you for meeting me."  "How are you both. ", "Are you getting hungry or just miss me".  How amazing is that.  They walked me all the way to the back yard.  It is well worth it to feed these friends even though I could use some donations.  Yes, it is expensive,  So if you wish please send paypal a donation for my work with the ducks.  It is a mighty long cold winter and I have to play catchup now to balance what I paid out to feed them just a few months ago. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Walking with the Ducks

Well tonight I am too tired to hassle with the computer.  I went to the Immediate Care at the hospital and when I came home my ducks came to greet me.  If I ever find the picture I took I will show you how they walked right beside me to greet me.  It was ever so sweet.

White Tiger

I painted this little guy/gal last night because I work with abused animals around the world with team efa on etsy.  I think it is a precious piece and I had to paint it.  It makes a great bookmark, piece of jewelry, greeting card, print, tee-shirt, decorator pillow, etc.. View it on my web site and come back and view the other work I do.  My ducks follow me right up the driveway.  It is so a sweet feeling to watch them interact with me. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sandra Bullock

I adore Sandra Bullock so I found the time to paint her in between going to the Immediate Care Center...yup...the hospital other than the hospital.  My ankles blew up like tennis balls.  So I haven't been on for awhile.

I am playing a little catchup.  I will also show the pictures of my mating ducks.  It is a great treat to be amongst them as their friend. 

Back to Sandra.  You can find her on my web site Http:// looped to etsy.  She is now an academy award winner.  I saw every movie she has been in because as Julie Roberts movies' they are family oriented.  They are cool.  I am still believing that life can be what you make it.  Now if only my health stays as I have always been into the organic, supplements, fruits, vegetables, water..

Well...everyone have a beautiful day and keep well.   Marilyn

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is my oil painting of "Cher".  I am selling her prints in various sizes and greeting cards with envelope included.  I think she is timeless.  She does everything.  I was going to paint "Sonny" but it is too painful yet.  They were a great duo.

I try to paint people who inspire me.  She sure does.  She is beautiful and unique.  I place her high on a goal.  To be as talented as she is is so wonderful.  I had to paint her.  Please visit and she my shop with her in it.

Thank you.  I will be back but my animals are creatures are feeding and I have to take some pictures.   Marilyn