Friday, October 31, 2008

Daffodil Print

I felt quite confident when I painted this because it was planted by my mom and she did have a green thumb. She loved her flowers. It stands alone in a little area by the house in which it looks lonely but oh so beautiful so I had to paint it. It is just one more of my work in my world of trying to get past my handicap.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jesus and 9/11

This is a oil painting that Steven liked so much the weekend of his death. I had always taken a finished oil painting to show him prior to my placing it on my web site and his placing it on my blog.

The one he especially liked the architecture. We were working on how to guide people around all the labrinth of problems I encountered as an artist finding the places to go for framing, supplies, shows, computer problems, everything.

I am the artist and Steve was my agent and a great tech.

Ad I blog, I hope to show people the way so they will not run into the sometimes "too" busy to be bothered with an answer for me so I had to constantly search.

Please visit my web at and view part of the problems I faced and have had to overcome.

Etsy For Animals: Snicklefritz - May Challenge

Etsy For Animals: Snicklefritz - May Challenge

Art By Marilyn

Today after 2 years of being very sad I am trying to learn how to blog. My friend and agent passed away of pneumonia unexpectedly 1-1/2 yeras ago and I am trying to understand what and how he did my blog for me.

Please view to see how he started to show my work.