Monday, April 26, 2010

White Tiger

I painted this little guy/gal last night because I work with abused animals around the world with team efa on etsy.  I think it is a precious piece and I had to paint it.  It makes a great bookmark, piece of jewelry, greeting card, print, tee-shirt, decorator pillow, etc.. View it on my web site and come back and view the other work I do.  My ducks follow me right up the driveway.  It is so a sweet feeling to watch them interact with me. 


jewelry by NaLa said...

It's wonderful that you work with abused animals. I used to be a zoo keeper at Brookfield Zoo here in the Chicago area. I wasn't really a good fit for working with animals though, because I can't stand to see them get hurt or sick. I admire you for what you do.

Marilyn R. Meier-O'Brien said...

Thank you. If only animals could talk. Thank you for the lovely comment. It is appreciated.