Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Cold...But, the critters are hungry...

This is me with a test of taking a picture of myself.  A real newbie at this.  The ducks came as always and were happy to see me.  Feeding time is usually 5:00 P.M. Central and I leave food out for the evening because they come at 5:00 A.M..

It is amazing even in the bitter cold they come and we have a social gathering.  My camera had a few snow flakes gather on the lens but I still try.  They are hungry.  I was just going inside and they came fluttering around me and were hungry.  I talk low and calm and am very slowww so they feel safe and I am still amazed at the critters in my back yard sanctuary and their trust of me.  Marilyn

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The beloved President Abraham Lincoln...

And, we must post our beloved President Abraham Lincoln on President's Day 02/21/11.  Marilyn   You may find him as well as other presidents as bookmarks, greeting cards, note cards, various size prints, tee-shirts, decorator pillows, greeting cards, bookmarks and more on

It is President's Day and President George Washington's Birthday 02/21/11

And here is our first President, President George Washington.  It is his birthday 02/21/11.  We must honor him.  "The Father of Our Country".  You can find this on

President's Day 02/21/11...

It is President's Day 02/21/11.  I am honoring our President Barack Hussein Obama II. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's cold and this shelters us...

They were soooo cold and my friends so I just took a picture and walked inside and left them to their world, stress-free and unafraid.  They sat in the shelter of the heaped-up snow and steps for some time, ate and left.

I worry about our voiceless ones.  Marilyn

Another picture of my neighbors...the ducks coming in to feed

Here they come.   They are very sweet, cordial and quiet.  When they see me they feel safe and come to me.  I just say, hi are you today and hunch over in a squat so they aren't afraid.  They are amazing.

This is the bucket I feed them from. It is always filled so they nevvvveeeer go hungry...

This is their food.  I purchase 3 bags of corn a week or every 5 days.  The corn costs $7.37 a 50/lb bag and I sure need donations.  I also purchase feed for the birds, squirrels and rabbits.  In the warm months they come fewer because they go back to the lakes but in the bitter cold and snow they feed precisely the same time.. 

If you feel it in your heart, I could sure use help with their costs of living.  Marilyn

My friends are satisfied and murmur among themselves...

And here they are.  My friends the ducks.  Aren't they something to behold.  Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn

Here come the ducks...

Here come the ducks.  I was standing still talking them in and they  first check me out.  Some are skiddish and leave but most come in and then come back and settle down to eat, seems like thy talk among themselves and are polite and leave. 

I do this 2 times a day.  In the evening at 5:10 - 5:30 P.M they eat and then I put more feed out for their morning feed.  The squirrels come also plus birds or any other critters who are hungry.  More pictures will follow these.  Remember it was bitter cold here and lots of snow.

Friday, February 11, 2011


There are 5 more Valentine's Day greeting cards I made.  You my wish to view them at

They are fun and romantic.


President Lincoln's birthday is coming February 12 and I painted him...'s the president who I wish I would have met.  I'd invite him to my home to have a cup of coffee with me.  Happy birthday Mr. President 02/12/11. 

To all who want to purchase a memory of our beloved President  Lincoln find him on

Happy Birthday,  Mr.  President.

We all know who won the superbowl

Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers and crew.  I still miss the fun, love and passion of the game as Brett Favre had.  I know this won't be popular with other but Brett and crew gave many years of fun, monies and love of the sport as did Vincent Lombardi.  297 games is really something. 

You can find Aaron and Brett merchandise on my web site at

Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn