Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Walk with My Ducks

I came home from the immediate care of the hospital and my friends the ducks flew right in in front of me as if to ask me were I had been.  I took this picture because it was so refreshing to see this amazing sight.  They know who I am and they walked me to my backyard or was it I walked them to their sanctuary.  It was a nice walk with them lightly quacking all the walk.  Polite conversation.   If course, I talked to them as I said: "It's nice to see you"., "Thank you for meeting me."  "How are you both. ", "Are you getting hungry or just miss me".  How amazing is that.  They walked me all the way to the back yard.  It is well worth it to feed these friends even though I could use some donations.  Yes, it is expensive,  So if you wish please send paypal a donation for my work with the ducks.  It is a mighty long cold winter and I have to play catchup now to balance what I paid out to feed them just a few months ago. 

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