Friday, August 26, 2011

My Chipmunk and Me...

Art BY Marilyn
This little squirt greets me every day and hops up on my knee and gets a peanut.  It is so cool to watch the antics.  I never know if it is a boy or girl but I don't care.

This is so fun.  Nose-to-nose greeting this time.  Sweet, fun and so perfect in such a tiny body.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Little Neighbor sitting On My Knee Enjoying It's Peanut

Art BY Marilyn

My neighbor came to visit me.  Now that is fun to have the feel of it's little perfect paws on my jeans.  It is wonderful that it trusts me so much that not only do I feed it by hand but it sits and eats the peanut right on my lap.  Cool.

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My prices are very reasonable.

Have a beautiful day and don't forget the voiceless ones. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Blind Buddy

Art BY Marilyn
This little bunny is blind and comes to the sound of my voice.

I haven't been feeling well, kidney infection with pinched nerve so we relate very well.  

It feels safe with me there.  It comes within a foot of me and stops to eat and I feel very good that this wild thing knows and comes close to me by the sound of my voice.  To me it is amazing.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Upset Duck

Art BY Marilyn

The 2nd of July 2011, I had a very upset Drake  Duck come into my yard...actually...their private sanctuary.  She flew in and, I guess, was very upset over something and was offering her opinion.

This is my painting of, "Candy", and "Dandy".  They fly right in and seem to be aware of me and accept me in their "property". 

Candy either didn't want me their or was upset about something and it was amazing how she vocalized.  She started going, "WACK", "WACK", "WACK.  She sounded distressed or angry.  I decided it was time for me to leave her alone because I her territory.  My yard but now hers. 

The wild ones have different calls and this was a very distressed call.  It is amazing because she was waling...waddling...back-and-forth, vocalizing loudly.  I viewed her from inside and she had calmed down after I left the yard.  She was in the yard awhile, ate and left. 

They didn't come the 2nd anymore I'm sure they were stressed by the noise of , "Rhythm and Booms", in Madison, Wisconsin but yesterday she flew in and ate and took over her private pool and sat quite a while and left.  I get to see their individual personalities and I am thrilled..  Marilyn

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Little Wrestling Neighbor.

Art BY Marilyn

This little squirt comes to see me almost every day and kids around with me.  I kid right back.  It is amazing to have such a natural relationship with a wild thing.

It is Sammy the Chipmunk and he wants a peanut in the worst way.  He has such a light touch and he is so perfect in his little paws.

I am not ambidextrous but in order to take this shot I had to be fast with both hands.  Now the hand I am feeding him with has only 35% use and I am working hard with my therapy to get it back.  This was such a spontaneous shot I probably won't ever get another like it, but I will try.  I can see why Steve Irwin gave his life for environmental conservation.  It is an immodest pose, isn't it but he is so trusting.  He crawled all over my hand like an acrobat and I teased him a little and he is so sweet. I made him work for his supper and they seem to love that.  It is a bond all the animals in my private critter sanctuary are enjoying.  Marilyn

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Representation of Our Heroes/Heroines

Art BY Marilyn

Here is a salute to our heroes and heroines of the United States of America.  Thank you all.  God Bless America and our troops. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

OPRAH and Her Last Show

Art BY Marilyn

Here she is.  I had fun painting her.  The 25th of May, 2011,  is her last day but she will have reruns until 09/09/11.  .  

Anothere Little friend

Art BY Marilyn  Mr/Mrs/ms/Chips jumps way up twice it's body size to get a peanut from me. 

Arn't they pretty and cute.  I sometimes wish they would go to my next-door neighbor's house.

But I seem stuck with them and they have no stress with me.  I have to remember this is a wild animals. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here's me and my little neighbor

Art BY Marilyn

That is me with my little friend.  I sure have the little critter eating out of my to speak.  

It is amazing I say again and again to have these little wild things so comfortable with me.  I like to spoil them.

They are so fun. 


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pope John Paul II

Art BY Marilyn

Pope John Paul II just became beautified.  One more miracle and he is called a Saint.  He is now Blessed Pope John Paul II. 

Have a beautiful day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Art BY Marilyn
This is a refrigerator magnet of, "9/11".  I did it in my own artistic impression and expression of our heroes and heroines of, "9/11".

Osama Bin Laden is dead and buried at sea but some of our heroes and heroines can not even be found.

This in honor and memory of those heroes and heroines who were just going to work.  Marilyn

Monday, May 2, 2011

Some anonymous jerk has hacked my blog

Art BY Marilyn  Just to let you all know some anonymous jerk has hacked my and I didn't realize it until tonight.  What a rotten thing to do to an honest artist.  Get off my blog if you care about anything in life.  I did not invite you and I have worked hard to make this a success so get the H off.

Do your own hard work and leave me alone.  I do not bother anyone and I would appreciate if you would just get off my blogspot.  Everyone who reads this know that is is my spot and I have not invited this jerk to my


Friday, April 29, 2011

Never to be Forgotten Princess Diana

Art BY Marilyn

Never to be forgotten. Princess Diana.

Gabby Giffords

Art BY Marilyn

And, here is Congresswoman Gabby Giffords who is doing great and traveled to Florida under her doctor's care to watch the Endeavour take off but it is delayed.   2 heaters are malfunctioning so in 72 hours it hopefully will take off.  Good for you Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prince William and his Princess

Art BY Marilyn
I am so proud that these two young people waited and waited to be sure and are together because they want to be not because they were status conscious and greedy for other then wanting to make it together humbly or with as much grandeur as they are about to have.  Princess Diane is so much a part of her son's feelings taught him well.  She  gave him an understanding of what could have been if Prince Charles would have been the son of Prince William.  As crazy as it sounds it, I'm sure it would have worked if Prince Charles and his kingdom would have appreciated Princess Diane and her being scared and alone.  Divorce is hell but Princess Diane had no choice.  People should not stay married for status and she didn't.  I'm sure if there is a Heaven and I am sure she is in it, her spirit reigns.  Best wishes to the bride and good luck to the groom.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anuradha Koirala is the Director of Maiti Nepal

Art BY Marilyn   I feel I have to and did a painting of Anuradha Koirala.  She is the director of the Maiti Nepal.  It is a rehabilitation Center for women and girls who are the victims of trafficking.  Sex Slavery is a better name for it.

The girls are taken from their obscure villages with stories to their low to minus income families and paid to give these girls a better life when they are really taken, never to return or see their parents again into sex slave trafficking.  They are used over-and-over again. 

I like AC360 CNN and their was a 2010 hero of the year award with the winner (I thought they were all winners) receiving monies to continue the cause they have undertaken.I prayed that she would get the award because as horrendous as the others have need for monies this is human "flesh peddling", a horrific tragedy for a girl or woman to be forced into and lose her innocense to a whatever person who wants her to satisfy himself.

I worked with the Capitol Police in Madison, Wisconsin,  to stop a prostitution ring in which he wanted to give me to be his girlfriend.  Give me to his boss to look me over and change me as he wished and use me and on-and-on.  We would have "got" him if one of my first-line supervisors wouldn't have told what I was doing and ruined the whole situation.  I had to be police protected for quite awhile after.  He was a very bad man. 

This is very dear to my heart knowing that these girls and women didn't have the choice I did.  This is the only way I can help them now that my cover got blown. 

This lady has helped and rehabilitated 12k girls and women to health and learn a trade so they can become independent and never be a victim again. 

She is definitely one of my heroines.  Now you see why I had to paint help in any way I can with my art talent.  I do hope it helps even just one girl or woman.  Marilyn

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Group

Art BY Marilyn  Today, 04/23/11, I was a bit late with feeding my critters.  I looked outside the back window and I was so touched with joy.  I had 5 little ones out there eating together.  A rabbit, a squirrel, a chipmunk, a duck and above them in a tree waiting it's turn was a bird.  I went outside and low-and-below, at mom's appearance, they think they own me...they came running.

9 squirrels which I had to feed by hand and then I fed all of them their favorite foods and left for work of my own.

Wild "things" but so stress free and comfortable with me.  Why can't the peoples of the world get along as well I thought.  You see me feeding a squirt.  Isn't it the sweetest little critter.  Marilyn

Sunday, April 17, 2011

TBI Tee-Shirt

Art BY Marilyn  This is my newest Tee-shirt.  I am dealing with a (TBI) or Traumatic brain Injury and I am hoping with lots of time and hard work on my part and going awhile to the Brain Injury Group at Meriter Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, I will recover.  This has been a non-so-fun-journey. Cross your fingers for me because I have been told with rest and the way I am doing therapy, I may come out of this or it may be a life time ordeal.  Hope that I come out of it because I just am so sad.  This was not my fault.

I have been humiliated in ways that are or should be outlawed sometimes by people I have known for years and are so cruel. They think they are cute.   I am still a vibrant artist-person who puts a lot of time and work into my art but it is my therapy.  I really don't know how people cope with this and I have to relate to my new-found friends at the group to find out once-a-month.  I feel sometimes like putting people in their places and then...I have to explain my situation and unless they have had someone in their family or a friend or understand even a little, it goes right over their head.    I hope my button and Tee-shirts will become a, "fad", and people will be solid and supportive behind us and know that the outside of our bodies is not the same as the inner -person screaming to be understood.  I have 2 varieties of this shirt.  Please view them and my button at  and don't forget I feed critters in my private sanctuary in my back yard, I love those little ones.  They are therapy themselves for me.  They accept me as I am unconditionally. 

The problem with a TBI is most doctors don't understand or care because it is a specialized field and many of the people at the group say doctors just say..."Oh, you'll be fine".  Thank the Lord for the Brian I injury Group.  Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Button/Pin for TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury 2-1/2 inches in Diameter

Art BY Marilyn

I dd this because Natasha Richardson passed away of a Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI and she could have lived with the right medical attention.  I am painting for therapy and going to the group and get therapy from a holistic chiropractor, Doc Ron Inda in Madison, Wisconsin.

There are 20,000 brain injuries in the United States and people must be educated.  You may look just fine on the outside but you are feeling the effects.  Every one is different and the Meriter Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin from 6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. has a group meet on the third Thursday of every month.  This is all very serious.

Stop by, educate yourself and or start a group in your state.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feeding time for the critters

Art BY Marilyn  I have to tell you all about a situation today, 04/05/11, that I felt sad , angry at myself but sympathic to my critters.

I have been dealing with a,"stinger", in my right shoulder since 04/02/11.  I have no idea what caused it but I could hardly use my right hand and it is 35% use as it is...

I feed the critters all the time but I was so miserable that I slept through their feeding time.  I finally got up at around 7:00 A.m.  I looked outside and I really didn't want to aggravate my hand so I hesitated for a few minutes as I checked on them.  There was no, absolutely, no food left for them.  They are now lazy and depend totally on their, "mom, me" to feed them.  Mostly by hand.

I peeked out the curtain and one little squirt must have seen the movement and it just stood there looking forlorn wondering why there was no food.  The ducks were here earlier.

I said to myself, "oohhhh", and felt badly.  I put my coat on and my shoes.  It is still chilly in Madison, Wisconsin.  The little squirt watched me as I got the food out.  Corn, bird seed and peanuts.  The little critter, I'm sure was very happy and just looked at me.  I'm sure very grateful.  I went inside and felt pretty darn good.

How are they supposed to know, "their mom", is not feeling well.  They are sooo adorable. I just wish I had taken a picture of the little squirt just standing there with it's little paws held to it's breast just looking at me quizzically. All is now well with all of us.  My hand, arm, shoulder are painful but, I carry on.  Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Art BY Marilyn.  I did this because I have wanted to for a long time but at her death, 03/23/11, possibly, AIDS/HIV will be more noticed.  Sad but true.  Also I did not like her drinking and smoking but that is none of my business but maybe it all caught up with her. 

On the flip-side she was an amazing actor.  I never missed one of her movies and one of the only reasons I watched was because of her talent.  Every movie she ever made was showing her astounding talent.  I really think a bright light went out with her death.  I really though she could fight her way back from this as she had sooo may times.  I think she lived life to it's fullest and she never cared what anyone thought of her.  I like that.

Her light shines and always will.  I really don't know if her career would have been sooo immense if it hadn't been for those eyes.  But she was smart, talented and knew what to do and how to do any acting she needed done for her public. 

Here's to you Dame Elizabeth Taylor.  Marilyn

Thursday, March 24, 2011

John Fitzgerald kennedy, Jr.

Art BY Marilyn.  I did JFK, Jr.. because he needs to be remembered for his wit, warmth, he was our prince, he was soo many good things to view and enjoy.  The only bad thing he did was fly at dusk without a pilot in his very young training as a pilot.  Such a waste.  He had such a bright future. I just finished painting him. 

Here's to you John.  Marilyn of

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I do not know...

Art BY Marilyn
I did this painting because Brett Michaels also had a brain injury and a hole in his heart and is Type 1 diabetic.  He survived and so can you if, like, him, you get immediate emergency service and then follow up with rest, diet, therapy and more rest. 

It is Brain Injury month in March and he was very lucky.  You can find this print, bookmark, greeting card, note card and more on my site at http://www.artbymarilynnet looped to etsy  Marilyn

THINK SPRING!!! I hope I get this right...

Art BY Marilyn

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I haven't bee on the posting for awhile...

And, again things have changed. I hope you all get to view my St. Paddy's Day post. Again, I have to learn more. It was easier to post now again it is complicated. Marilyn

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Donald Trump

There he is.  The, "Donald", Trump.  This was a fun one to do for me.  I like, "The Donald".  You can find my work on

Donald Trump

There he is again.  Marilyn found on

The Donald Trump

There he is.  I have different tee-shirts for this.  Marilyn

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Cold...But, the critters are hungry...

This is me with a test of taking a picture of myself.  A real newbie at this.  The ducks came as always and were happy to see me.  Feeding time is usually 5:00 P.M. Central and I leave food out for the evening because they come at 5:00 A.M..

It is amazing even in the bitter cold they come and we have a social gathering.  My camera had a few snow flakes gather on the lens but I still try.  They are hungry.  I was just going inside and they came fluttering around me and were hungry.  I talk low and calm and am very slowww so they feel safe and I am still amazed at the critters in my back yard sanctuary and their trust of me.  Marilyn

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The beloved President Abraham Lincoln...

And, we must post our beloved President Abraham Lincoln on President's Day 02/21/11.  Marilyn   You may find him as well as other presidents as bookmarks, greeting cards, note cards, various size prints, tee-shirts, decorator pillows, greeting cards, bookmarks and more on

It is President's Day and President George Washington's Birthday 02/21/11

And here is our first President, President George Washington.  It is his birthday 02/21/11.  We must honor him.  "The Father of Our Country".  You can find this on

President's Day 02/21/11...

It is President's Day 02/21/11.  I am honoring our President Barack Hussein Obama II. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's cold and this shelters us...

They were soooo cold and my friends so I just took a picture and walked inside and left them to their world, stress-free and unafraid.  They sat in the shelter of the heaped-up snow and steps for some time, ate and left.

I worry about our voiceless ones.  Marilyn

Another picture of my neighbors...the ducks coming in to feed

Here they come.   They are very sweet, cordial and quiet.  When they see me they feel safe and come to me.  I just say, hi are you today and hunch over in a squat so they aren't afraid.  They are amazing.

This is the bucket I feed them from. It is always filled so they nevvvveeeer go hungry...

This is their food.  I purchase 3 bags of corn a week or every 5 days.  The corn costs $7.37 a 50/lb bag and I sure need donations.  I also purchase feed for the birds, squirrels and rabbits.  In the warm months they come fewer because they go back to the lakes but in the bitter cold and snow they feed precisely the same time.. 

If you feel it in your heart, I could sure use help with their costs of living.  Marilyn

My friends are satisfied and murmur among themselves...

And here they are.  My friends the ducks.  Aren't they something to behold.  Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn

Here come the ducks...

Here come the ducks.  I was standing still talking them in and they  first check me out.  Some are skiddish and leave but most come in and then come back and settle down to eat, seems like thy talk among themselves and are polite and leave. 

I do this 2 times a day.  In the evening at 5:10 - 5:30 P.M they eat and then I put more feed out for their morning feed.  The squirrels come also plus birds or any other critters who are hungry.  More pictures will follow these.  Remember it was bitter cold here and lots of snow.

Friday, February 11, 2011


There are 5 more Valentine's Day greeting cards I made.  You my wish to view them at

They are fun and romantic.


President Lincoln's birthday is coming February 12 and I painted him...'s the president who I wish I would have met.  I'd invite him to my home to have a cup of coffee with me.  Happy birthday Mr. President 02/12/11. 

To all who want to purchase a memory of our beloved President  Lincoln find him on

Happy Birthday,  Mr.  President.

We all know who won the superbowl

Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers and crew.  I still miss the fun, love and passion of the game as Brett Favre had.  I know this won't be popular with other but Brett and crew gave many years of fun, monies and love of the sport as did Vincent Lombardi.  297 games is really something. 

You can find Aaron and Brett merchandise on my web site at

Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn

Thursday, January 27, 2011

And who will win the Superbowl

And, who will win the Superbowl.  This is Aaron Rodgers of the Wisconsin Green Bay Packers..

Monday, January 24, 2011


it hasn't happened to you.  Go away.  Marilyn

Monday, January 17, 2011

This is Page 2. It would be good if you all read it and tried to understand

This is page 2.  There are20,000 brain injuries a day and people don't get it and aren't too nice to people as myself because on the outside I look fine.

I will get past this because I am getting great therapy but to those who have been so cruel to me and are it and remember it could happen to you in 2 seconds.  Marilyn

This is Information on a Post-closed traumatic brain injury that I am pulling myself through with a holistic chiropractor and the brain injury group in Madison, Wisconsin

This is page one of what I have and am enduring.  Marilyn

Me and My Shovel and is cold...

And, this is a pooped Marilyn trying to show the world that the critters need someone to care about them in the bitter cold and snow.  That is the clearing of snow I made and my shovel and brush.  They are a grateful little bunch of critters.  My rabbits, squirrels, and all other squirts who wander in to a restful, stress-free environment I created. 

I think that Mother Nature is helping me a bit now keeping me being able to help these little ones.

It is so cold here in Madison, Wisconsin and windy and brrrr......cold.  It, I understand, will get bitter cold like -30 degrees below wind chill in a few days.  Oh, woe is me.  Thank you for any donations for these little squirts.  Marilyn and I am going to get a hot cup of green tea. 

Me and My Duck Neighbors

This is January 17, 2011,  and here are my neighbors.  The ducks come to eat.  It is still snowing in Madison, Wisconsin but the ducks and other critters are hungry. 

I went out 3 times to clear the snow to feed them.  They politely posed for me and with me.  Aren't they just something.  Marilyn

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Matthew 11:28

I did this because I wanted to show a different view of the palm of Jesus saying, "Come unto me..." I think this is a great way to show any Bible verse.

I only got the gift of art from Him,  you know.  Without His word, not a hair can fall from my head.  My mom and dad were his instruments to me through our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ for my work to be done and if you don't believe that, I'm sorry.  I do.  I just had to do this because there are people who He asks to come to Him who are heavy laden and He will give them rest.

 I need rest because I am getting past pneumonia and I get very tired.  Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn can find this on looped to etsy.  TU :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Cold of Madison, Wisconsin and the Warmth of the Ducks

And,,,they landed.  I feed this many 2 times a day plus squirrels, and whatever critter is voiceless that comes in my backyard.  It is cold here in Madison, Wisconsin.  They stay year-round because of the lakes. 

One year I saw 2 of them sitting by a bird feeder that I took the top off and placed it on the ground.  They just stayed all day.  I researched it and found they like corn and I felt badly because they slept and didn't move at all all day.  They eat and leave.  They are very social and I just talk gently to them.

I just hope a bear doesn't get the drift from miles away and I end up with a polar bear in my back yard...just kidding...I scare myself with that thought.  What would ...I do...? nahhhh....I'm too far south.  Marilyn

Another Flight of the Ducks

Herrrrreeee come the ducks.  Some are landing, some aren't sure but they do come and land.  They are sooo sociable.  Aren't they amazing.  It is sooo cold here and I hope I get donations so I can keep them fed.  Yep, I am begging.  They are gorgeous creatures.  I am proud I can help them to their survival.  Marilyn