Friday, May 14, 2010

My Ducks and Their Sanctuary

This is my ducks in their sanctuary.  They come and stay most of the day in this top of a birdbath I set on the ground and continually filling with clean water.  If I am out there too long they walk around me squawking, not quacking just making their own sound.   And,  I believe are telling me to leave. Because when I do they quieten down and just check things out, they are calm and sweet.  They just are soo relaxed.  The Lilac bush is right near them as are much greenery and they seem to be totally at ease.  I walk among them first saying good morning ducks and how are you today.  Now they don't even stir from their heads being placed in their bodies backwards.  I am the only person who any of my animals trust.  They are safe.  Do not ask me why they adopted me.  I think am animals can feel that trust and love.  They are safe.  This a to me is so special.  It is an amazing feeling that I tell over-and-over because it is so sweet.    God bless the creatures.  Marilyn

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