Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sandra Bullock

I adore Sandra Bullock so I found the time to paint her in between going to the Immediate Care Center...yup...the hospital other than the hospital.  My ankles blew up like tennis balls.  So I haven't been on for awhile.

I am playing a little catchup.  I will also show the pictures of my mating ducks.  It is a great treat to be amongst them as their friend. 

Back to Sandra.  You can find her on my web site Http:// looped to etsy.  She is now an academy award winner.  I saw every movie she has been in because as Julie Roberts movies' they are family oriented.  They are cool.  I am still believing that life can be what you make it.  Now if only my health stays as I have always been into the organic, supplements, fruits, vegetables, water..

Well...everyone have a beautiful day and keep well.   Marilyn

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