Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here are 2 of my tee-shirts with "Tucker"

Here is one of my favorite dogs with my tee-shirts.  "Tucker".  He looks like he is guarding my work, doesn't he?

I get my tee-shirts done in the shop and he is a friendly "little" guy.
My Dragon won an award in Wisconsin for design, color, originality and thought.  My squirrel is one of my sanctuary squirrels I feed by hand every day. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog and you can find these tee-shirts on  My work is reasonably priced and if you want something entirely printed just email me at

Thank you .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Kitty now Finished. YES!!

My kitty honored by my work.  Ikea was a beautiful angora cat with a white tip on his tail.  He is gone many years now but never forgotten. 

He was killed by a farmer as a red fox in the, "Town of Primrose", by a stupid farmer and my nasty first-cousin Ronnie Johnson laughed about it and got a kick out of it.   When he was asked what farmer and we could go get, "Ikea", the insulin spoiled brat refused to tell us.  I have always despised his abuse personality but this was the straw that broke the camels back.  His mother and father used my mom and dad for monies and anything else they could get and my parents were patient with them because they were kind and tried to help them.  At my father's death, they still owe us and never us $320.00 for their store bill.

I wonder what they will do in Salvation.   I just hope "Ikea" died instantly instead of just laying out in no-man's land hurt. 

Here's to you beautiful cat.  You are never forgotten. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Cat Improved.

This is my work as I keep looking at it and thinking.  I just put grass under it's head and some parts of the rest of his body.

I love to create.  Marilyn

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Logo Engraved on the Back of Each of my Jewelry, "Art By Marilyn"

This is the back of each piece of my jewelry with my logo engraved, "Art By Marilyn".  It is of course, sterling silver.  Marilyn

Humming Bird 1" X 3/4" Sterling Silver with My Logo, "Art By Marilyn" Engraved on the Back

This is one of my jewelry.  I make them of sterling silver and engrave my logo, "Art By Marilyn", on the back side.  They are of each of my oil paintings and can be found on my web site looped to etsy.

Enjoy and have a beautiful day.  Marilyn 


This is a cat that became a major member of a family only if we took the responsibility to care for it.  It was a, "Tom", and much loved.  I have pictures of it from my first, "Brownie", camera and I painted this from the photos. 

Ike was named after, as my mom said, whomever becomes president, "Eisenhower", or, "Stevenson".  He became, "Ike".  Ike was well mannered, loved kids, so patient, liked  attention and was a huge ball of angora golden and white fur.  A bit white tip on his tail.  He required a lot of brushing but we always did it so we could keep, "Ike".  Also, know as , "Ikea".

"Ike", had the run of the neighborhood and he was well-liked.  I have many wonderful stories of his ventures to the neighbor's houses. 

At the end of his life he looked like a fox and I am will always be upset that the farmers in the country shot him as he looked like a fox .  We were only told that and not were he was laying.   It is just another reason I never liked my cousin, Ronnie Johnson, because he refused to tell us were, "Ike", was and he was one of the cruelest people I have ever met.  He laughed at your pain.

I can just hope, "Ike", died instantly without any suffering.  Here's to you, "Ike".  If there is a cat Heaven he is in it.  Here's to all helpless creatures wherever they are that they get comfort and kindness in this world because they can't speak for themselves.

newest Visitor- Mr/Ms Squirrel

This is my newest little friend.  The little squirt comes right up to me and eats a peanut from my fingers.  You have to be quite still and very patient and they will trust you if you talk really low and quiet. 

I call the little because it has spots from fighting over it's tiny body. And look at the stripes on it's little tail.  They all are different and have different personalities.  This little one stands up for me also as you can see.  It is a real character. 

My mom used to say what miracles they are because they have such perfect little paws and hold the peanut so nice.  My mom used to feed them and taught me to love and care for all the voiceless creatures in the world.  So I opened this blog to hopefully receive donations...they do bring cost and to work with Team Efa in our endeavors to help abused baby animals.

They certainly are a joy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Art By Marilyn: The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

Art By Marilyn: The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

Art By Marilyn: The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

Art By Marilyn: The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

Me...with another picture of me...the artist...with my work of photography.  I am surrounded by wonderful art.  Mine is in the 1st gallery and above the others.  We had 100 artists involved.   It will be on for 3 months so come on downtown, browse and enjoy.  Marilyn

The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin with the Artist, Marilyn

Me...the artist, Marilyn R. Meier-O'Brien, at our, "Overture Center", in Madison, Wisconsin.  I am one of the artists showing one of my work at the beautiful gallery in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. 

You can purchase this work on or purchase it one-by-one picture of each flower.

My first love is photography but I find myself oil painting more than photography.  But just send me a photograph and I will do a commissioned piece for you. 

This show is going on for 3 months.  So stop by, visit our work.  I am on the 3rd floor.  Have a beautiful day and enjoy.