Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today 02/28/10

Nothing happened today with the ducks, yet. I have just finished painting Pope John Paul II at someone's request. It is pretty thrilling when I am out in public and someone asks me to paint a pope. He wants a bookmark. Normally I don't do that but I wanted to do the pope anyway and so I took the request. It should be on my website in the next 2 days.

I had computer trouble today so I am hoping this gets posted.

Well...everyone watch for my post of the pope. May God Bless. Marilyn

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am writing this because I have to. Last night I came home to find circling my estimate of 100 ducks in my backyard sanctuary. They were flying all around me as usual to eat. They are wonderful.

I started immediately to talk lightly to them and welcome them from the sky. They were fluttering all around me. Happily and trusting and content.

The little voices are not quacks but seem like murmuring and in rhythm and in sync. It sounds like a choir. A cacophony of ducks.

It is wonderful and amazing to have that connection whereas I go right into their midst and say, "Hello my little ones", and, "It is nice to see you". and listen to them chatter murmur back or all at once as if to say. "Thank you", or "It's nice to see you".

The sky was almost black with ducks coming in and coming down around me, right at my feet. It is truly amazing. They leave as they come, gracefully and in about 10 minutes...

This doesn't happen easily for me because their food must be there and they need all of us.

I believe I must tell you that this is a gift to me and that I shouldn't talk of God and the trinity because people in our world don't believe and I will make people uncomfortable and that God is an illusion but I don't believe that. I have felt uncomfortable when I was first told not to believe that this is a gift of their amazing intuition for me. How did they find me. How did they find my mom soooo many years ago. Then I think of the veins in a petal and the smell of a lilac branch or I touch something and maybe it is my sensitivity and natural ability but I have to believe that I am on their journey through life as they are on mine and I need the comfort and so do they.

You know, I don't know how else to talk about it otherwise. I have almost lost everything in my young life and I believe in my determination to witness for Him that if I didn't believe I wouldn't have been graced with these lovely creatures finding home here and my talent by way of my parents.

I do think of reality and how to feed these little ones, so please those who believe and those who don't view my work with these little guys and see the work as an artist at looped to etsy and httP;//home.bigcrumbs/artbymarilyn I did keep trying therapy and persevering when doctor's gave me no hope other than Doc Ron Inda. Why did I find him. What lead me to him. View my work on the news tab and and join me for free online commissions when you purchase online or someone purchases from your favorites. If you would please use me as a referrer and tell your friends. I believvve....Maybe some day you will also. I don't know, we all have choices but my work comes from a deep faith and a gift...and, then in all of my work I get this lovely gift right back 2 times a day. me feed them. Maybe they will land in your backyard too.

Remember these are my thoughts only and my blog and my journal.

We'll talk again. Right now I have to get off the blog and do other things...Have a beautiful day and may God bless.

They are very courteous.