Sunday, October 10, 2010

newest Visitor- Mr/Ms Squirrel

This is my newest little friend.  The little squirt comes right up to me and eats a peanut from my fingers.  You have to be quite still and very patient and they will trust you if you talk really low and quiet. 

I call the little because it has spots from fighting over it's tiny body. And look at the stripes on it's little tail.  They all are different and have different personalities.  This little one stands up for me also as you can see.  It is a real character. 

My mom used to say what miracles they are because they have such perfect little paws and hold the peanut so nice.  My mom used to feed them and taught me to love and care for all the voiceless creatures in the world.  So I opened this blog to hopefully receive donations...they do bring cost and to work with Team Efa in our endeavors to help abused baby animals.

They certainly are a joy.

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