Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marilyn of ...Sorry

I'm sorry but I have bladder infection...I am too ill to blog the last few days.  I will catch up when I can.   Thank you for caring about my blog.  I adore all my new found friends.  Marilyn

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pure Contentment...The Ducks

I almost had a real mess on my hands trying to figure out how to add the words with the picture.  I told you I am not a tech.  I promised a picture of the ducks in their "Paradise".  In the background you see their private swimming pool.    They stay their all day and sleep beside it.  They are also territorial.  It is an amazing site to behold when I am tired and these friendly little ones greet me with a some kind of murmur.  
 They are named by me as, "Candy...the lady..and"Dandy" the gentleman.  He is drinking and she is making a decision if she should eat or stand in her private pool.  The ducks in the background can only come so close when "Dandy" and "Candy" run after them and chase them away.  No ducks other than these two ever use the "pool".   They greet me and est and are the sweetest little ones.  

Enjoy and until I am not so darn tired.  I am   Marilyn

Julia Roberts

Okay...I have been you can see...Julia Roberts and  trying to learn many web sites and just keep going as an artist. 

The doctors have found a lump or some shadow on my lung and I tire easily so....forgive me...I find being a tech hard work.  I would rather paint. 

Julia makes me smile as I try to paint all the work that makes me smile.  I want to do the Dali Lama and Frank Sinatra. 

"My" ducks are fat and sassy and I am spoiling them rotten along with the other animals in my sanctuary or should I say theirs.

I am going to try to show you a picture of pure contentment in their sweet little for the next picture.  Marilyn