Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flamingos Print

As promised. This is a print (various size), jewelry, bookmark, greeting card, note card, tee-shirt, decorator pillow. I loved doing it. Now comes my next work.

I was ill when I did this next job.

1 Orchid Print of Original Oil Painting 17 x 11

There it is. My I took my time getting it out. The flu was a "kick-in-the-pants" to me.

Flamingis and Orchid

This is one aspect of my Orchid. I made it into a decorator pillow. I gave this as a birthday with consent from all of the party goers that it would be a delightful gift for a 91 years old (the new 70).

We had a great time. now I will show you the print from my original painting.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Flu

Hi. I'm being silly with my work because I feel terrible. I got the flu Thursday and I am still weak. It hit me like a truck head-on.

I was online talking with etsy because I sold 2 prints and I will show them later....but I felt sick and I got the fever, ached all over and was in terrible pain in my tummy. I slept and slept. I finally got up a bit and got some Malox, Tylenol, and a little tea and soup in me and went back to bed. I got up at 11 P.M. and called the doctor who said it is going around. You feel the symptoms of the H1N1 but that is not what it is. Oh, goody. So today I need to be a little silly because I am weak but feeling a touch better. It looks chily outside.

I have to go to the print shop today and pick up my work to send it out. I don't feel much like it but people are waiting....

I am just grateful people like my work to purchase it. Will send the pictures after I go rest. Marilyn

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tiger Woods

Here is my latest. I felt pretty good doing this. The flu hit hard and fast. I have managed to get this done and I hope it all makes for a more interesting blog. I hope I feel good enough tomorrow to blog more. Have a beautiful day.

The Arrival of my Ducks Again

I did not expect the little ones back because it is spring but they are here..I am just showing you how it looked agter they were here to now they are back. I will put that in tomorrow.

I have been very ill with the flu. It hit me hard and fast and now I need rest.

I just finished "Tiger Woods". And I am work on "Cher".

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This was fun to do. I said I would show it. It ism "The Fourth of July Fireworks". You can find all my work on and I have found a new web site which is fee free and you get discounts and commissions from about 500 stores round the world. I am amazed. I have sold 4 items already and it is fun. It is worth the work and the time spent learning it. The company advertises your work because they need sales also. It is if you would kindly use me as a referrer I would be pleased.

I think we all try to help each other and so... I am sharing this fee free web site.

I will be posting more about the little voiceless ones and blogging more of my work so bring your friends and bring your friends and even stop at my shop and hear me on utube. I am on the news tab of took more pictures of the ducks and squirrels tonight and I will present them tomorrow. May God Bless and have a beautiful night. Marilyn

Here the little squirts are last night when I thought they weren't coming back. They flew in about 6:36 P.M. Central time to my backyard sanctuary. Not many but I think they are mating. It was a good sight to see they are safe. I have grown to lice those little guys and gals.
I thought my ducks had left for the lake now that it is showing 50 degrees in Madison, Wisconsin so I cleaned up their feeding area and put new corn out and tonight there were so many I was surprised. I tool more pictures of the little ones.

They just fly in all around me. I had to laugh with joy when I saw how happy they were to be there.

I don't like it though when they fight. Yup...I'm sure it's mating season.

The squirrels want to be fed and I do that also.

So... besides getting my income taxes done, today and yesterday I again painted another painting and it was fun. The, "4th of July".

I am doing "Cher" now because I like her.

Have a beautiful night. Again I am not the woman from New Zealand and I wish she would remove herself from my site. If anyone know how please tell me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010

Well hello again. I just didn't have time last to connect as my heart was in a little "lurch". O am tired but the animals are fed and happy and it has been raining today and that means spring is right around the corner. I will add more later because I just finished another painting and I am told it is beautiful and I am getting one framed.

I also belong now to a new fee free web sire called were you receive many new friends and you get big discounts and commissions. So...I said why not give it a try. If you do, please use me a a referrer because I am sharing this fantastic web site with all. But I still work 100% with etsy. I decided that any and all advertising would be great especially fee free and I get commissions and discounts from many store round the world. I can quit any time.

See you all tomorrow. Marilyn

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Please get the person from New Zealand off my blog. I do not know how and is is an invasion of my blogspot. I am Art By Marilyn

Art By Marilyn: Learning How to Blog

Art By Marilyn: Learning How to Blog

Learning How to Blog

Okay...everyone...I have to go but I am learning...not easy is it. Now I have to go to the stot=re so I can get these out to my customers. See you later. Have a beautiful day.

And Please lady from New Zealand...get off my blog...That is not nice and I am telling everyone you are invading my blog. I am not you

Peace Rose Bookmark

Learning to place pictures

I am new at this and I can't quite figure out how to put my photos in the blog....anyone can help I would appreciate it. Marilyn

Hi. Everyone Bulletin

I am doing pretty well with my ducks and other creatures that come into my back yard. They, last night, came as I in my car was pulling into my driveway. They circled and circled my car and my home. It is an amazing view to see. They know me and seem to conjugate when I come home from anywhere as if to let me know it's feeding time.

I went to my trunk of my car and fed them 10 pounds of corn and bird seed because the rabbits (as big as large cats) and like the seed. I also place it on top of my shed roof in an area where I have placed a movable board. I get lots of different colored birds.

So yesterday I came home and found I had sold the print (17x11) of the Fourth of July and another bookmark. I am so pleased.

View them now here.

Also please come to a fee free web site that I have found through a wonderful person in Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. Cheryl Booker. She saw my work and said we have to get Marilyn on the web site. It is fee free and you can shop around the world with discounts and it is fun. Would you be so kind though to use me as a referrer. It is If you need help with it please email me and I will ask my mentor Cheryl to help. She is a wealth of knowledge with it because she has been doing it for awhile. I only started last week. It also sends you to my shop on etsy at are my two new sales.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My ducks and I are fine. They ate and left very quiet and orderly. I watched them eat and fly away. They are orderly and well mannered. I'll take a picture tomorrow. May your day be filled with joy. Marilyn

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pope John Paul II

And here he is. Pope John Paul II my newest. You will find me on working on the "news tab" and then loop to etsy. I put him on this morning.

I hope you all know that I do not appreciate others on my blog. I will be taking them off so why don't all you who "share" my blog get off. That is lazy and not fair to us who work hard at our journals. Please...take them off. Marilyn

Ducks and A New Post

Hi. I am again in my journal to the world of interested people in my ducks. They were here last night but then they are here 2 times a day. They follow my car if it is dinner time. I have no idea how they have picked my car out from the rest. I get such enjoyment from their trust in me and I took a picture again with my shadow in the mistake...but I am in it.

They are so sweet. They are respectful and I sure wish someone out there would donate. The little ones also have their buddies in squirrels and rabbits (as big as a big cat) in my yard just contentedly eating.

I had to go out last night after "The Bachelor" yes, I watched it last night. I liked Tinley but it is his choice. I am also looking forward to "Dancing with the Stars" this time because they have quite a cast. This is all probably hipe but I paint as I watch. I just finished Pope John Paul II and itt feels good. Have a beautiful day.