Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please Donate to Help Ducks and Squirrels!

I am Marilyn R. Meier-O'Brien and I have a sanctuary in my backyard. This started twenty years ago, when my mom first spotted two ducks fly into our front yard. She fed them, and they came back every year. I do not know what first brought them to our home. They feel safe and relaxed and enjoy themselves.

We have always been here for a stray or whatever bird, animal, came to our yard to help them or feed them.

About 3 years ago, I noticed two ducks (Mallard + Drake), come and just sit in the yard. I would have just ignored them except that I had a birdbath that I had given my mom as a gift and they would sit around it all day or stand in it. They are clean and never cause me any trouble. They would stay all Summer and Fall and Winter. One late Fall I felt badly because they weren't leaving my yard and they really had no food, so I researched and I found that ducks like whole kernel corn. I went and purchased a bag of whole kernel at a local feed store. I also picked up peanuts, garden seed for the other birds and animals. I just couldn't feed one and forget the others.

Now they are happy creatures, and I love to watch their unguarded antics because they feel safe with me. The last three years, they stay almost all day in my yard and all the creatures get along fine (a lesson for humans). The only problem now is I have to feed them, otherwise they would starve. It is a harsh winter in Wisconsin and I was told they stay all winter because of the lakes.

I was amazed, one day I was driving to do errands, and the ducks were flying low next to my car. I actually couldn't believe it. It seemed wherever I was the ducks weren't far from my car. I finally got home and opened my car trunk, and they started coming down around me. I stood in a flurry of ducks all around me. I called our Vilas Park and the lady said, "they think of you as their mom". I felt like Doctor Doolittle or the Pied Piper. I walk right in the middle of them and they gather all around me. I believe it is like the cranes that go to Florida from Wisconsin with a leader of a human being. It is amazing to have this connection.

The squirrels and birds are the same way. Robins gathered last year here prior to their flight south. I have blue jays that come and get (steal) a peanut right in front of me.

I am just pleading with all people in the world who would like to have me continue helping these animals to donate for my cause. Michele Erez is helping me with this because I am not a tech. Any donations can be made through paypal, so that the voiceless ones will have food all year long. The squirrels need peanuts and I get the saltless, sugarless dry roasted ones. They go through 1 bag a day.

I pay $7.37 for a 50 lb. bag of whole kernel corn; they go thru 4 bags a week and 10 bags of peanuts a week at $3.99 a bag. I also purchase 2 bags of bird seed a week at $3.98 each.

I wouldn't ask for help, but I am on disability and a limited income. I have painted (Candy & Dandy-my ducks) and my squirrels, and the images are available on t-shirts. All of my work is on http://www.artbymarilyn.net linked to etsy and Michele is also on etsy http://mvegan5.etsy.com.

Please feel it in your hearts to help these creatures and help me to help them get thru the cold Wisconsin winter. It is appreciated.

Very sincerely, Marilyn R. Meier-O'Brien

see my work at http://artbymarilyn.etsy.com

The Paypal button for Donations is in the post below this one. Thanks!