Sunday, July 4, 2010

My animal sanctuary

My creatures did not show up at all yesterday, I'm sure, they were frightened by the "sky lighting" up.  I know it is and was beautiful and I watched it from my front steps.  It is fun to be with all the people, "awwwing", at all the beautiful fireworks but I am ill and trying to over come the bladder infection which I have told you about but the little ones need our help.

This morning I saw one duck and many squirrels coming running to be fed but it in all it's beauty must have been frightening for them.   This is one of my paintings, bookmarks, jewelry, greeting cards, note cards, t-shirts, decorator pillows, scented candles and other items as playing cards that sell on looped to etsy and this painting is one of them.  They are expensive little ones and if you could dig deep into your pockets and send me a dollar or two I could afford these little ones easier.  I just bought a 50# bag of food for $7.37 yesterday and I am very ill so you know I work hard at keeping these little guys safe and serene. I buy at least 1 bag a week plus bird seed for $3.95.   Or purchase one of my items from etsy.  It sure would help.

Anyway thank you for stopping by and viewing my blog.  Later....Marilyn

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