Thursday, January 27, 2011

And who will win the Superbowl

And, who will win the Superbowl.  This is Aaron Rodgers of the Wisconsin Green Bay Packers..

Monday, January 24, 2011


it hasn't happened to you.  Go away.  Marilyn

Monday, January 17, 2011

This is Page 2. It would be good if you all read it and tried to understand

This is page 2.  There are20,000 brain injuries a day and people don't get it and aren't too nice to people as myself because on the outside I look fine.

I will get past this because I am getting great therapy but to those who have been so cruel to me and are it and remember it could happen to you in 2 seconds.  Marilyn

This is Information on a Post-closed traumatic brain injury that I am pulling myself through with a holistic chiropractor and the brain injury group in Madison, Wisconsin

This is page one of what I have and am enduring.  Marilyn

Me and My Shovel and is cold...

And, this is a pooped Marilyn trying to show the world that the critters need someone to care about them in the bitter cold and snow.  That is the clearing of snow I made and my shovel and brush.  They are a grateful little bunch of critters.  My rabbits, squirrels, and all other squirts who wander in to a restful, stress-free environment I created. 

I think that Mother Nature is helping me a bit now keeping me being able to help these little ones.

It is so cold here in Madison, Wisconsin and windy and brrrr......cold.  It, I understand, will get bitter cold like -30 degrees below wind chill in a few days.  Oh, woe is me.  Thank you for any donations for these little squirts.  Marilyn and I am going to get a hot cup of green tea. 

Me and My Duck Neighbors

This is January 17, 2011,  and here are my neighbors.  The ducks come to eat.  It is still snowing in Madison, Wisconsin but the ducks and other critters are hungry. 

I went out 3 times to clear the snow to feed them.  They politely posed for me and with me.  Aren't they just something.  Marilyn

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Matthew 11:28

I did this because I wanted to show a different view of the palm of Jesus saying, "Come unto me..." I think this is a great way to show any Bible verse.

I only got the gift of art from Him,  you know.  Without His word, not a hair can fall from my head.  My mom and dad were his instruments to me through our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ for my work to be done and if you don't believe that, I'm sorry.  I do.  I just had to do this because there are people who He asks to come to Him who are heavy laden and He will give them rest.

 I need rest because I am getting past pneumonia and I get very tired.  Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn can find this on looped to etsy.  TU :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Cold of Madison, Wisconsin and the Warmth of the Ducks

And,,,they landed.  I feed this many 2 times a day plus squirrels, and whatever critter is voiceless that comes in my backyard.  It is cold here in Madison, Wisconsin.  They stay year-round because of the lakes. 

One year I saw 2 of them sitting by a bird feeder that I took the top off and placed it on the ground.  They just stayed all day.  I researched it and found they like corn and I felt badly because they slept and didn't move at all all day.  They eat and leave.  They are very social and I just talk gently to them.

I just hope a bear doesn't get the drift from miles away and I end up with a polar bear in my back yard...just kidding...I scare myself with that thought.  What would ...I do...? nahhhh....I'm too far south.  Marilyn

Another Flight of the Ducks

Herrrrreeee come the ducks.  Some are landing, some aren't sure but they do come and land.  They are sooo sociable.  Aren't they amazing.  It is sooo cold here and I hope I get donations so I can keep them fed.  Yep, I am begging.  They are gorgeous creatures.  I am proud I can help them to their survival.  Marilyn

Coming in for a Landing...

I call to them and....heeeerrrreee they come...My ducks view my car and follow me from the air.  This is them viewing me from the left of my home, their personal sanctuary, and coming in for a landing.  It is really something to behold.  I take many pictureso f all "my" animals to hope everyone see that they to can help our environment.  These little ones need a voice.

I speak softly to them and they just some....amazing..  Marilyn

Another picture of Happy Ducks in Madison, Wisconsin

Now lets see if I can do this right.  Isn't he a beauty.  He was just sitting right next to me.  I leaning and took this shot sooo close.  It is just a digital.  They just seem to pose for me.  It was sooo cold.  I have to be very patient and know we can associate if I stay calm. 

It is an honor to be welcome into their world.  I hope you all enjoy my candid shots of wild ducks.  I hope they always feed...but not too close so they are not encountered by a bad human being.

Thank you all for enjoying my blog and being my friends and my critter's friends.   Isn't it just sooo cool.  That is a double- pun.  It must have been 12 degrees  below zero when that shot was taken.  Marilyn

More Ducks in the Snow

This is a close up because they trust me.  It is amazing to me to watch them eat and socialize with me and each other and the rabbits, squirrels, birds...whatever else comes into my yard.

This was taken in the cold and snow of "my" ducks just very hungry and talking softly and I think they were saying to me...thank you very much...we appreciate you.  Aren't they beautiful. 

I just received a donation from, "Ginger Edmunds" of, "Barking Dog Blankets".  She is in, "Kainau, HI  It is sooo appreciated.  Ginger you must really feel good because these little ones appreciate your kindness as I do. 

I'm sure wishing you, "Happy New Year".  Marilyn