Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here's Brett... Favre

There's Brett Favre and me playing cards and you can too. He is n my web site at under the section playing cards.

Brett and crew won today and now you may wish to purchase a memorabilia of mine of him at and also visit, "Gammy's Gift Shop", in Kiln, MS whereas I have also his items there.  His cousin saw my work and liked it enough to buy a tee-shirt for Brett's Uncle and her mom has my work in her gift shop.  

When I figure out how this new posting works (they again made changes) I will add more.

My brother-in-law just past recently and this is hard work for me.  Grief is hell... Marilyn

My Visitor....

This is one of my little visitors who comes to say, "Hello", to me and is gracious and then leaves.  They are no- salt biodegradable peanuts.  They come right up to me and seem to know my voice and are not afraid. 

They are all different personalities and they give me joy.

I have had people who are my neighbor's visitors come and ask me if they can take pictures of the little squirts. 

I have painted one so go to animal section of my web site and you can purchase a various sized print, a greeting card, bookmark, tee-shirt, decorator pillow, scented candle, refrigerator magnet, playing cards and more. 

Isn't the little squirt cute.  MarilynCompromising PositionsCompromising Positions

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brett Favre's Playing Cards

I enjoyed painting Brett Favre and now I have all kinds of memorabilia.  I will get back to it later.  This is just me playing cards with my playing cards of Brett. 

The Koala

Here is an adorable little one.  I like this little nocturnal creature so I decided to paint it.  You will also find it in greeting cards and other items when I get around to it today or tonight.  I just did a big order for Kiln, MS for Brett Favre and I worked 12 hours on it yesterday. 

I am please, surprised and excited and humbled that my work is appreciated.  ...See you later...