Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marilyn of Art By Marilyn

Hi. I guess I will be a little tardy. I have a bad cold again. Lyrngitus makes a person miserable.. Give me a few day but I am painting when I get a bit of energy.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hi I'm back for a bit and I am playing catchup

Hi I'm Marilyn R. Meier-O'Brien and I find others are on my blog with bad language and I don't like it. Yes, these blogs are for anyone but I'd appreciate clean blogging and answers to my work. I have no idea why this goes on in the world but it does. Let's try to keep it clean and be nice to each other.

I am trying to get back into the swing of things after my computer broke down and my health was not so great. Thank you for liking and viewing my work. It sells at Marilyn

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Merry Christmas

This was/is my first work with a Christmas. I wanted to express my work through a bright Christmas. I did. I think it won't be the end of drawing Christmas.

Senior Pastor Bill White of Bethel Lutheran Church

This was the very first oil painting I did in 2003 of my Senior Pastor Bill White of Bethel Lutheran Church in Madison, Wisconsin.

I had no idea how to blog. My personal banker saw my work and immediately became my agent. We worked together 6 months and he was doing my blog when he passed away of a heart attack at his desk at age 26. He took my password with him. I am now trying to learn how to blog alone.

Steven is missed terribly in that he had a charismatic personality. He was one of the nicest people I have met. He was not only my fan but my friend. We worked good together. So...I am moving forward with my first painting. In our journey together, I will show you the way I did my work to get this far.

This is for you Steven. Steven is the top picture.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nortside Artists Group (NSAG) Art Show

Here is a post card of another show that I am very proud to have been accepted into. The artists are group is 3-4 years old and started by 2-people talking about Madison unknown artists. We have wonderful artists showing their work who live or work on Madison's Northeast side. I being one of them.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Art By Marilyn

All of this work is to show how I found my way about the labyrinth of obstacles any artist finds searching for frames (Frames can be a major expense), supplies, printing, Marketing.

NSAG or Northside Art Group Reception

Candle and Jesus

I did this as a tribute to the greatest man who ever lived. Through His Father, I got my talent by way of my parents.

A Candle ......

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Article in Northside Newspaper

An Article in the Northside Paper about Marilyn R. O'Brien, Artist

Marilyn R. O'Brien, Artist

This is my show at Eastgate Marcus Theaters in Madison, Wisconsin managed by a very fine person, Tom Reichelt. I can not say enough about this beautiful person both inside and outside.

I am trying to learn how to place my newspaper article about my work here. This is all the work I have done almost entirely by myself.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Father - August Meier

This is where it all started. I lost my father at a very early age. I had no way of getting past my grief. I, one day, got a canvas board, picked up a pencil and sketched my dad from a picture I had taken of him just prior to his untimely death from a massive heart attack.

The only way I can show my father's picture is place it for sale. I just wish you would have known this man. I think he would be honored if someone purchased it and show him with honor and dignity. He is a good worthy example to every man, woman and child in our world today or ever.

My Father-August Meier , 1889 - 1964 Painted in 1965

by Marilyn (Meier) O'Brien

It was done of my beloved father, August Meier. He came to the United States of America from Zurich, Switzerland, actually Urdorf, (Canton of Bern')deaf from the age of 21 since scarlet fever turned in on him (tone deaf) with 6 languages under-his-belt and a degree in engineering from a French University to become a citizen of the United States and by correspondence of the University of Wisconsin, he did it. He was a legal immigrant who went through the rigors of Ellis Island as a law was passed that for $1.00 an immigrant could be legalized if he/she farmed a piece of land given to them by the United States government for one year. Dad almost lost his life when the rope was frayed when he came up from the 300 foot deep well that he dug by himself. That land was later taken back from him by the U.S. Air Force as part of a military base by the claim of imminent domain for their meager offer of $4,000.00. He worked that land and toiled that land and was proud but it embitters your heart to know the government wanted it for a pittance. I have many stories from both he and mom.

He is a wonderful example for me to follow. He passed away 04/11/64 of possibly many health problems, but I do know he had a massive heart attack. He worked as a foreman for the "Gisholt (Gis-holt pronounced) Machine Company" for 43 years. He was know there as "Augie" or "Pop Meier". He married my mom, Selma (Johnson) Meier in 1938 and with a wife (Emma Mae (Wittwer)Meier dead of cancer with daughter "Alice Mae (Lumia) Meier" and son John Warren (Rae), he had 5 more children. I being one of them. He always said we kept him young. Mom would never allow me to paint her because she said who wants to see an old face. I cried over that but I could never paint her out of respect for her wishes. One of these days I may just break that rule and paint a matched set, mom and dad. I haven't got through that grief yet because I was her care person and...I just can't. It gets complicated...

Alice passed away very young of breast cancer and I had to find a way to by pass my immense grief. I sat down and painted my beloved dad's portrait. When I was done I did not fill in the sky because I think of him being in Heaven. I had placed it on the fireplace to dry and my mom got very adamant about taking it down. I was hurt but I turned it to face the wall and then asked, "Mom, why"? She said it looks so much like your dad that I can't take it. I was so touched. I said mom thank you. It hung above the fireplace until I decided I wanted dad looking across at me while I work at my business. This is a portrait that I hope can explain how I can paint the picture almost identical to another person. I do know this gift is a gift from the Trinity and I know God used my parents to give me this gift and I know my dad is always with me as well as, my sister, Alice, Robin Lyn (my daughter), and my mom. 2007, my beloved brother John Warren Meier of MRSA taken to the hospital for a head injury which he recovered only to die in an undignified manner in a dirty hospital. Please clean up our hospitals. I always called him Warrenie as an enderment. I hope I make them proud. Here's to you dad!

Marilyn of Art By Marilyn

This was my protector. My mom was his true partner. Their was love, respect, honesty, concern for each other and I viewed all of this growing up by them as my example. It was easy to honor him.

President Elect Barack Hussein Obama II

Description Wisconsin State Sales Tax Included"If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress."-Senator Barack ObamaI decided to paint President-Elect Barack Obama because of all his accomplished and his historical run for the presidency. His charismatic words and love of our country reminds of a young John F. Kennedy. Obama’s accomplishments include:*Graduated from Columbia University in 1983.*Graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991. *First African American president of the Harvard Law Review. *Served in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. *Delivered the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. *Elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004.*In 2007, Obama announced his bid for the presidency and beat out Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. *First African-American presidential nominee of a major party. Barack is married to Michelle Robinson. Together they have two daughters: Malia, born in 1999, and Sasha, born in 2001. Thank you for shopping Art By Marilyn and don't forget to vote.Marilyn of Art By Marilyn Added on Jul 22, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008


This is an abstract-realism. I have never done that before so I just tried a dragon. It was fun. It is flying and I painted it with a thought of the Mardi Gras. I went there 2 times and I felt the city of New Orleans should be remembered in all it's glory. If you see a Mardi Gras parade no other parade seems to match my opinion. I was picked out of the crowd by a masked man and he very sweetly placed beads over my head and placed them gently on my neck. I was transfixed on the spot to this moment in my life. I had to paint something of the pre-Katrina disaster.

This is my sterling silver rectangular 17 x 27.5 mm of my original oil painting jewelry with my logo, "Art by Marilyn" engraved on the back. I also have greeting cards. I also do commissioned oil painting of photographs.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lilac Branch of Lilac Bush

When I was in my 30's I bought a slip of a lavender lilac bush for my mom. It was for mother's day and she told me were she wanted it placed. It was by her back window so that when she opened the window wide and it was in season (which isn't long enough) the smell permeated the house and it's scent filled anyone she could think of to give for a gift. every year I place a branch on Mom and Dad's grave out of respect and one on Mr. & Mrs. Victor (Ruth) Buckles grave. They were best friends and neighbors for 50 years and I was given my middle name of Ruth after Mrs. Buckles. I was told by a lady at a frame shop when she viewed my painting that she could smell the lilacs. That's funny and touching because while I was painting it I also could smell the lilacs. Maybe you will also just viewing the painting.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dove of Peace

I did this as I had just left my agent, Steven Walloch, and I was on my way home feeling terrible because all I wanted to do was paint and there is soooo much "stuff" to marketing. Steven was not to see this painting. I actually did it for him as he was so good to me. He viewed my work and started a blog --- I can not get into it because when he passed away he took my password and my ID. He was to do it for me because he wanted to.

I was in traffic and I saw a cloud open and the sun was casting a light thought the clouds and I saw hope. I was at a red light and I thought I can paint that. Wouldn't be it nice if the hand of Jesus the Christ sent by God to have peace in our world. The light turned green and as I gazed into that beautiful cloud I was rushed forward from cars honking at me to move. I said to myself I can do that.

I got home and I started th paint. The next day I went to church to thank Jesus the Christ and God for Steven and all my wonderful world of talent. I did not know that as I was painting Friday Steven has had passed away at his desk of a torn heart aorta. I felt so blessed. I went home and finished my work very contented that I would show Steven Monday.

I called Monday and he was dead. I couldn't believe it. He has asper pneumonia and went to work with a insert in his arm and he wasn't warned by the doctor's of anything. I am devastated. One and one-half years ago.

I went to his funeral with a heavy heart and I will try to show others the way I have traveled to get even thus far with my work. There will never be another Steven, unless, somehow, I am as lucky as I think I am that Steven will lead me to someone who will appreciate my work as much as Steven did. And of course I will be writing more because I had Steve Roffler as a mentor for my work. Two very great personalities who did the best they could for me on our journey and I am sad because they don't walk with me anymore. I pray they are still with me in spirit because I believe. So Steven this is for you, my dear, dear friend.

He used to walk me to my car and ask what I would be doing for Thanksgiving or Christmas and open my car door. He was way ahead of most bloggers and I am trying to learn because I need to do this and I have been very numb over Steven's death. I keep painting but there is no Steven to show my work to and to know openly that this young person really liked my work. Here's to you Steven.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Daffodil Print

I felt quite confident when I painted this because it was planted by my mom and she did have a green thumb. She loved her flowers. It stands alone in a little area by the house in which it looks lonely but oh so beautiful so I had to paint it. It is just one more of my work in my world of trying to get past my handicap.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jesus and 9/11

This is a oil painting that Steven liked so much the weekend of his death. I had always taken a finished oil painting to show him prior to my placing it on my web site and his placing it on my blog.

The one he especially liked the architecture. We were working on how to guide people around all the labrinth of problems I encountered as an artist finding the places to go for framing, supplies, shows, computer problems, everything.

I am the artist and Steve was my agent and a great tech.

Ad I blog, I hope to show people the way so they will not run into the sometimes "too" busy to be bothered with an answer for me so I had to constantly search.

Please visit my web at and view part of the problems I faced and have had to overcome.

Etsy For Animals: Snicklefritz - May Challenge

Etsy For Animals: Snicklefritz - May Challenge

Art By Marilyn

Today after 2 years of being very sad I am trying to learn how to blog. My friend and agent passed away of pneumonia unexpectedly 1-1/2 yeras ago and I am trying to understand what and how he did my blog for me.

Please view to see how he started to show my work.