Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Ducks and Their Sanctuary

Yesterday I came home quite late from working on my art and I saw a duck taking off...I said, "Hi duck", and I'll be darned the little squirt turned in mid- air and came back to the backyard, his sanctuary, to be there for me.  I am so touched that they feel so relaxed around me.  This is the usual scene of our time together when I feed them and they just ignore me and turn their back and make a contented little noise of total happiness. 

You can see their private pool in the back which they do use and they are so social.  Since they know me they see me coming with their fresh water...they poop in the water... and they see me coming and I empty the bath and put fresh water in their private pool and they come right back...actually waddle...and claim it again.  It is a riot to see their different personalities and the friendliness they have to me.  I love those little guys and gals.  And usually they get squirrels and rabbits and birds to come and socialize with them.  It's too bad humans aren't learning from animals like these sweet little ducks.  They share their food and seem to murmur a sweet tune and it is in sync.  It is just amazing.  They make great fertilizer if they stay at all.  The greenery is lush..

Signing off.  Marilyn

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