Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Kitty now Finished. YES!!

My kitty honored by my work.  Ikea was a beautiful angora cat with a white tip on his tail.  He is gone many years now but never forgotten. 

He was killed by a farmer as a red fox in the, "Town of Primrose", by a stupid farmer and my nasty first-cousin Ronnie Johnson laughed about it and got a kick out of it.   When he was asked what farmer and we could go get, "Ikea", the insulin spoiled brat refused to tell us.  I have always despised his abuse personality but this was the straw that broke the camels back.  His mother and father used my mom and dad for monies and anything else they could get and my parents were patient with them because they were kind and tried to help them.  At my father's death, they still owe us and never us $320.00 for their store bill.

I wonder what they will do in Salvation.   I just hope "Ikea" died instantly instead of just laying out in no-man's land hurt. 

Here's to you beautiful cat.  You are never forgotten. 

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