Sunday, October 10, 2010


This is a cat that became a major member of a family only if we took the responsibility to care for it.  It was a, "Tom", and much loved.  I have pictures of it from my first, "Brownie", camera and I painted this from the photos. 

Ike was named after, as my mom said, whomever becomes president, "Eisenhower", or, "Stevenson".  He became, "Ike".  Ike was well mannered, loved kids, so patient, liked  attention and was a huge ball of angora golden and white fur.  A bit white tip on his tail.  He required a lot of brushing but we always did it so we could keep, "Ike".  Also, know as , "Ikea".

"Ike", had the run of the neighborhood and he was well-liked.  I have many wonderful stories of his ventures to the neighbor's houses. 

At the end of his life he looked like a fox and I am will always be upset that the farmers in the country shot him as he looked like a fox .  We were only told that and not were he was laying.   It is just another reason I never liked my cousin, Ronnie Johnson, because he refused to tell us were, "Ike", was and he was one of the cruelest people I have ever met.  He laughed at your pain.

I can just hope, "Ike", died instantly without any suffering.  Here's to you, "Ike".  If there is a cat Heaven he is in it.  Here's to all helpless creatures wherever they are that they get comfort and kindness in this world because they can't speak for themselves.

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