Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I will show a picture later (the she is)   but I am just amazed.  I have been very ill and have been told I won't bounce back as fast as I want to from the e coli.  I went out to feed the creatures in my backyard and I am seeding here in amazement.  I heard a light "quack" and I looked up from were the sound was coming and there were 2 ducks (Drakes) watching me from the neighbor's roof.  I said, "Hi, ducks". Both flew off the roof right in front of me and sat down to eat right in front of me.  OMG....I couldn't believe it because I haven't seen them for a couple of days except the very early morning when I get up to take my medication and work a little to my beautiful new friends on etsy around the world. They are spending time in the lake which I want them to because it is so nutritious for them.  Besides they need the lakes not me until bad weather and closing lakes.  And...to tell you the truth they are expensive for e to feed and I have only had 1 donation so far from a lady to feed them.  God Bless her.  Believe me it would feel good to get just a few dollars from everyone to feed them.

One flew off....The other had to be a baby...she must have been her mom showing her were to feel safe and feed. I could tell I needed my camera.  I went in a got it and got the most amazing picture of the little one right in front of me checking me out.  I talked to it in say, "How are you?", "Did you lose your mommy?",  and, small talk.  It came right up to me and lightly quackd.  It was lost a little looking for it's mommy.  This was a good 3 minutes.

It then raised up it's head and looked up in the direction of the house next door.  It's mommy was there and quacked lightly.  The little one took off following it's mommy.  I felt such a deep love for the little one and it's mommy making the little one feel safe and the beautiful introduction to me.  It felt safe with me and inspected me and then it's mommy came back.  AMAZING!!!

It is amazing to have such a connection with the little girl and her mommy.  Don't tell me there is no God.  So I will add the picture but I need to crop and upload it and I am very tired.  I love having a refuge/sanctuary in my backyard were these creatures can feel a safe harbor.  I am learning sooo much.  Tonight about 7:30 P.M., 07/20/10, Central time I saw an amazing sight of a mom duck and a baby duck in my backyard learning the ropes so to speak.

What a beautiful night cap.  Marilyn

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