Monday, April 26, 2010

Walking with the Ducks

Well tonight I am too tired to hassle with the computer.  I went to the Immediate Care at the hospital and when I came home my ducks came to greet me.  If I ever find the picture I took I will show you how they walked right beside me to greet me.  It was ever so sweet.

White Tiger

I painted this little guy/gal last night because I work with abused animals around the world with team efa on etsy.  I think it is a precious piece and I had to paint it.  It makes a great bookmark, piece of jewelry, greeting card, print, tee-shirt, decorator pillow, etc.. View it on my web site and come back and view the other work I do.  My ducks follow me right up the driveway.  It is so a sweet feeling to watch them interact with me. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sandra Bullock

I adore Sandra Bullock so I found the time to paint her in between going to the Immediate Care Center...yup...the hospital other than the hospital.  My ankles blew up like tennis balls.  So I haven't been on for awhile.

I am playing a little catchup.  I will also show the pictures of my mating ducks.  It is a great treat to be amongst them as their friend. 

Back to Sandra.  You can find her on my web site Http:// looped to etsy.  She is now an academy award winner.  I saw every movie she has been in because as Julie Roberts movies' they are family oriented.  They are cool.  I am still believing that life can be what you make it.  Now if only my health stays as I have always been into the organic, supplements, fruits, vegetables, water..

Well...everyone have a beautiful day and keep well.   Marilyn

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is my oil painting of "Cher".  I am selling her prints in various sizes and greeting cards with envelope included.  I think she is timeless.  She does everything.  I was going to paint "Sonny" but it is too painful yet.  They were a great duo.

I try to paint people who inspire me.  She sure does.  She is beautiful and unique.  I place her high on a goal.  To be as talented as she is is so wonderful.  I had to paint her.  Please visit and she my shop with her in it.

Thank you.  I will be back but my animals are creatures are feeding and I have to take some pictures.   Marilyn

Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Troy Gardens

This is one of my latest painting of our beautiful "Troy Gardens" in Madison, Wisconsin.  I took a walk there and snapped 25 photos and went home and painted some.  There will view more.  I feed the ducks 2 times a gay when they come and paint between and of all errands and so I guess I am a busy girl...I will get back tomorrow.  I am still fighting the flu. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"My " Ducks on My Roof

"My" ducks are happy.  When I come outside they are inquisitive and  I walk they snoop as to were I have been as do my birds and squirrels.   So I went outside and heard them.  I couldn't find them.  Finally their voices )quacks) brought me to were they were and I couldn't help take a picture.