Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Cold of Madison, Wisconsin and the Warmth of the Ducks

And,,,they landed.  I feed this many 2 times a day plus squirrels, and whatever critter is voiceless that comes in my backyard.  It is cold here in Madison, Wisconsin.  They stay year-round because of the lakes. 

One year I saw 2 of them sitting by a bird feeder that I took the top off and placed it on the ground.  They just stayed all day.  I researched it and found they like corn and I felt badly because they slept and didn't move at all all day.  They eat and leave.  They are very social and I just talk gently to them.

I just hope a bear doesn't get the drift from miles away and I end up with a polar bear in my back yard...just kidding...I scare myself with that thought.  What would ...I do...? nahhhh....I'm too far south.  Marilyn

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