Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prince William and his Princess

Art BY Marilyn
I am so proud that these two young people waited and waited to be sure and are together because they want to be not because they were status conscious and greedy for other then wanting to make it together humbly or with as much grandeur as they are about to have.  Princess Diane is so much a part of her son's feelings taught him well.  She  gave him an understanding of what could have been if Prince Charles would have been the son of Prince William.  As crazy as it sounds it, I'm sure it would have worked if Prince Charles and his kingdom would have appreciated Princess Diane and her being scared and alone.  Divorce is hell but Princess Diane had no choice.  People should not stay married for status and she didn't.  I'm sure if there is a Heaven and I am sure she is in it, her spirit reigns.  Best wishes to the bride and good luck to the groom.

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