Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anuradha Koirala is the Director of Maiti Nepal

Art BY Marilyn   I feel I have to and did a painting of Anuradha Koirala.  She is the director of the Maiti Nepal.  It is a rehabilitation Center for women and girls who are the victims of trafficking.  Sex Slavery is a better name for it.

The girls are taken from their obscure villages with stories to their low to minus income families and paid to give these girls a better life when they are really taken, never to return or see their parents again into sex slave trafficking.  They are used over-and-over again. 

I like AC360 CNN and their was a 2010 hero of the year award with the winner (I thought they were all winners) receiving monies to continue the cause they have undertaken.I prayed that she would get the award because as horrendous as the others have need for monies this is human "flesh peddling", a horrific tragedy for a girl or woman to be forced into and lose her innocense to a whatever person who wants her to satisfy himself.

I worked with the Capitol Police in Madison, Wisconsin,  to stop a prostitution ring in which he wanted to give me to be his girlfriend.  Give me to his boss to look me over and change me as he wished and use me and on-and-on.  We would have "got" him if one of my first-line supervisors wouldn't have told what I was doing and ruined the whole situation.  I had to be police protected for quite awhile after.  He was a very bad man. 

This is very dear to my heart knowing that these girls and women didn't have the choice I did.  This is the only way I can help them now that my cover got blown. 

This lady has helped and rehabilitated 12k girls and women to health and learn a trade so they can become independent and never be a victim again. 

She is definitely one of my heroines.  Now you see why I had to paint help in any way I can with my art talent.  I do hope it helps even just one girl or woman.  Marilyn

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