Monday, July 4, 2011

My Upset Duck

Art BY Marilyn

The 2nd of July 2011, I had a very upset Drake  Duck come into my yard...actually...their private sanctuary.  She flew in and, I guess, was very upset over something and was offering her opinion.

This is my painting of, "Candy", and "Dandy".  They fly right in and seem to be aware of me and accept me in their "property". 

Candy either didn't want me their or was upset about something and it was amazing how she vocalized.  She started going, "WACK", "WACK", "WACK.  She sounded distressed or angry.  I decided it was time for me to leave her alone because I her territory.  My yard but now hers. 

The wild ones have different calls and this was a very distressed call.  It is amazing because she was waling...waddling...back-and-forth, vocalizing loudly.  I viewed her from inside and she had calmed down after I left the yard.  She was in the yard awhile, ate and left. 

They didn't come the 2nd anymore I'm sure they were stressed by the noise of , "Rhythm and Booms", in Madison, Wisconsin but yesterday she flew in and ate and took over her private pool and sat quite a while and left.  I get to see their individual personalities and I am thrilled..  Marilyn

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