Monday, January 17, 2011

Me and My Shovel and is cold...

And, this is a pooped Marilyn trying to show the world that the critters need someone to care about them in the bitter cold and snow.  That is the clearing of snow I made and my shovel and brush.  They are a grateful little bunch of critters.  My rabbits, squirrels, and all other squirts who wander in to a restful, stress-free environment I created. 

I think that Mother Nature is helping me a bit now keeping me being able to help these little ones.

It is so cold here in Madison, Wisconsin and windy and brrrr......cold.  It, I understand, will get bitter cold like -30 degrees below wind chill in a few days.  Oh, woe is me.  Thank you for any donations for these little squirts.  Marilyn and I am going to get a hot cup of green tea. 

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