Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feeding time for the critters

Art BY Marilyn  I have to tell you all about a situation today, 04/05/11, that I felt sad , angry at myself but sympathic to my critters.

I have been dealing with a,"stinger", in my right shoulder since 04/02/11.  I have no idea what caused it but I could hardly use my right hand and it is 35% use as it is...

I feed the critters all the time but I was so miserable that I slept through their feeding time.  I finally got up at around 7:00 A.m.  I looked outside and I really didn't want to aggravate my hand so I hesitated for a few minutes as I checked on them.  There was no, absolutely, no food left for them.  They are now lazy and depend totally on their, "mom, me" to feed them.  Mostly by hand.

I peeked out the curtain and one little squirt must have seen the movement and it just stood there looking forlorn wondering why there was no food.  The ducks were here earlier.

I said to myself, "oohhhh", and felt badly.  I put my coat on and my shoes.  It is still chilly in Madison, Wisconsin.  The little squirt watched me as I got the food out.  Corn, bird seed and peanuts.  The little critter, I'm sure was very happy and just looked at me.  I'm sure very grateful.  I went inside and felt pretty darn good.

How are they supposed to know, "their mom", is not feeling well.  They are sooo adorable. I just wish I had taken a picture of the little squirt just standing there with it's little paws held to it's breast just looking at me quizzically. All is now well with all of us.  My hand, arm, shoulder are painful but, I carry on.  Have a beautiful day.  Marilyn

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