Sunday, March 14, 2010

This was fun to do. I said I would show it. It ism "The Fourth of July Fireworks". You can find all my work on and I have found a new web site which is fee free and you get discounts and commissions from about 500 stores round the world. I am amazed. I have sold 4 items already and it is fun. It is worth the work and the time spent learning it. The company advertises your work because they need sales also. It is if you would kindly use me as a referrer I would be pleased.

I think we all try to help each other and so... I am sharing this fee free web site.

I will be posting more about the little voiceless ones and blogging more of my work so bring your friends and bring your friends and even stop at my shop and hear me on utube. I am on the news tab of took more pictures of the ducks and squirrels tonight and I will present them tomorrow. May God Bless and have a beautiful night. Marilyn

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