Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Flu

Hi. I'm being silly with my work because I feel terrible. I got the flu Thursday and I am still weak. It hit me like a truck head-on.

I was online talking with etsy because I sold 2 prints and I will show them later....but I felt sick and I got the fever, ached all over and was in terrible pain in my tummy. I slept and slept. I finally got up a bit and got some Malox, Tylenol, and a little tea and soup in me and went back to bed. I got up at 11 P.M. and called the doctor who said it is going around. You feel the symptoms of the H1N1 but that is not what it is. Oh, goody. So today I need to be a little silly because I am weak but feeling a touch better. It looks chily outside.

I have to go to the print shop today and pick up my work to send it out. I don't feel much like it but people are waiting....

I am just grateful people like my work to purchase it. Will send the pictures after I go rest. Marilyn

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