Sunday, March 14, 2010

I thought my ducks had left for the lake now that it is showing 50 degrees in Madison, Wisconsin so I cleaned up their feeding area and put new corn out and tonight there were so many I was surprised. I tool more pictures of the little ones.

They just fly in all around me. I had to laugh with joy when I saw how happy they were to be there.

I don't like it though when they fight. Yup...I'm sure it's mating season.

The squirrels want to be fed and I do that also.

So... besides getting my income taxes done, today and yesterday I again painted another painting and it was fun. The, "4th of July".

I am doing "Cher" now because I like her.

Have a beautiful night. Again I am not the woman from New Zealand and I wish she would remove herself from my site. If anyone know how please tell me.

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