Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lilac Branch of Lilac Bush

When I was in my 30's I bought a slip of a lavender lilac bush for my mom. It was for mother's day and she told me were she wanted it placed. It was by her back window so that when she opened the window wide and it was in season (which isn't long enough) the smell permeated the house and it's scent filled anyone she could think of to give for a gift. every year I place a branch on Mom and Dad's grave out of respect and one on Mr. & Mrs. Victor (Ruth) Buckles grave. They were best friends and neighbors for 50 years and I was given my middle name of Ruth after Mrs. Buckles. I was told by a lady at a frame shop when she viewed my painting that she could smell the lilacs. That's funny and touching because while I was painting it I also could smell the lilacs. Maybe you will also just viewing the painting.

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