Monday, November 3, 2008


This is an abstract-realism. I have never done that before so I just tried a dragon. It was fun. It is flying and I painted it with a thought of the Mardi Gras. I went there 2 times and I felt the city of New Orleans should be remembered in all it's glory. If you see a Mardi Gras parade no other parade seems to match my opinion. I was picked out of the crowd by a masked man and he very sweetly placed beads over my head and placed them gently on my neck. I was transfixed on the spot to this moment in my life. I had to paint something of the pre-Katrina disaster.

This is my sterling silver rectangular 17 x 27.5 mm of my original oil painting jewelry with my logo, "Art by Marilyn" engraved on the back. I also have greeting cards. I also do commissioned oil painting of photographs.

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