Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dove of Peace

I did this as I had just left my agent, Steven Walloch, and I was on my way home feeling terrible because all I wanted to do was paint and there is soooo much "stuff" to marketing. Steven was not to see this painting. I actually did it for him as he was so good to me. He viewed my work and started a blog --- I can not get into it because when he passed away he took my password and my ID. He was to do it for me because he wanted to.

I was in traffic and I saw a cloud open and the sun was casting a light thought the clouds and I saw hope. I was at a red light and I thought I can paint that. Wouldn't be it nice if the hand of Jesus the Christ sent by God to have peace in our world. The light turned green and as I gazed into that beautiful cloud I was rushed forward from cars honking at me to move. I said to myself I can do that.

I got home and I started th paint. The next day I went to church to thank Jesus the Christ and God for Steven and all my wonderful world of talent. I did not know that as I was painting Friday Steven has had passed away at his desk of a torn heart aorta. I felt so blessed. I went home and finished my work very contented that I would show Steven Monday.

I called Monday and he was dead. I couldn't believe it. He has asper pneumonia and went to work with a insert in his arm and he wasn't warned by the doctor's of anything. I am devastated. One and one-half years ago.

I went to his funeral with a heavy heart and I will try to show others the way I have traveled to get even thus far with my work. There will never be another Steven, unless, somehow, I am as lucky as I think I am that Steven will lead me to someone who will appreciate my work as much as Steven did. And of course I will be writing more because I had Steve Roffler as a mentor for my work. Two very great personalities who did the best they could for me on our journey and I am sad because they don't walk with me anymore. I pray they are still with me in spirit because I believe. So Steven this is for you, my dear, dear friend.

He used to walk me to my car and ask what I would be doing for Thanksgiving or Christmas and open my car door. He was way ahead of most bloggers and I am trying to learn because I need to do this and I have been very numb over Steven's death. I keep painting but there is no Steven to show my work to and to know openly that this young person really liked my work. Here's to you Steven.

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