Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Ducks in the Snow

This is a close up because they trust me.  It is amazing to me to watch them eat and socialize with me and each other and the rabbits, squirrels, birds...whatever else comes into my yard.

This was taken in the cold and snow of "my" ducks just very hungry and talking softly and I think they were saying to me...thank you very much...we appreciate you.  Aren't they beautiful. 

I just received a donation from, "Ginger Edmunds" of, "Barking Dog Blankets".  She is in, "Kainau, HI  It is sooo appreciated.  Ginger you must really feel good because these little ones appreciate your kindness as I do. 

I'm sure wishing you, "Happy New Year".  Marilyn

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